Aioli Walkers,

It is nice to meet you, my name is Wilma but everyone just calls me Wilz, I am an online communications student with the University of South Australia,

Welcome to my personal blog site,


My aim with this site is to try as many different styles of writing and content creation as I can, I want to connect with lots of different types of people and businesses, I want to try and review products and services and hone my skills for creating online content and communication,

A little about myself, I am Wilz, born 24/7 and I reside in Far North Queensland, Australia, I am an online student and I live next to a beach and as cliche, as it sounds I love long walks on the beach, I love collecting shells and I love to meet new people and hearing their stories and experiences, my biggest passions are writing, photography, kpop/hallyu and birds,

I started studying communications in 2018 and my career aspiration is to work in PR and to be able to promote and share the stories of people and products that I love, I have always had an interest in branding and promotions, my ultimate dream is to hold a kpop festival in Cairns,


Before studying communications I used to be painfully shy but in learning more about communications I have really opened up more to becoming more fluent and confident in communicating with those around me and being more assertive and open,

It is nice to meet you and I hope you will share your story with us, hope you enjoy the site and have a great day