Creating that Lovli glowing skin

Wilma Stevens

6 June 2022

Loving the skin, you’re in just became easier with Lovli Skincare

Lovli Skincare is an Australian made, pharmacist formulated skincare range that is vegan and cruelty free.
All the products in the range are made from all natural ingredients that boost the health of user’s skin giving them beautiful naturally glowing skin.
The skincare range can be used by both men and women alike with specialised products targeting specific skin areas and concerns.
The range was created by Rosanna Nolan, who explains the name came about her playing with the spelling of the word ‘lovely’ to create something a bit more unique.
“The name of the range came about when I started to notice so many people in my life used the word ‘lovely’, whether they were calling me ‘lovely’, wishing me a ‘lovely’ day or even used sarcastically as ‘ohh lovely’, it was just following me.”
Nolan explains “my skincare routine has always been my escape, I used to joke that the clearer my skin, the more stressed I was because I would use it to calm and recentre myself, that feeling of being able to switch off from the world is what I want Lovli to be for people, part of that is educating people what products they should be using for their particular skin type, the other part is creating a range that is simple and easy to follow.”
Completing her studies in beauty services in 2015, and looking into manufacturers in 2017, it wasn’t till 2021, Nolan picked up all the research she had done and jumped straight into the idea of the range that had been circling her since her studies.
“Skincare is a saturated market so standing out is really hard, but I knew that going in, I think what will help me is staying true to my values and continuing to deliver a quality product.”
Out of all the products in the range, Nolan says her Botanical Hydrating Moisturiser is one of her favourites.
“It’s funny, I have dry skin and own a skincare brand, but I actually hate the feeling of having products sit on top of my face, for me it’s about having that balance of the product penetrating your skin without feeling like you haven’t got anything on, I also get really bad cracked and flaky skin on my arms and legs and using this moisturiser has helped with that”.
The most popular products in the range are the Botanical Facial Scrub and Gel Cleanser.
“I think the combination of the smell and the immediate feeling afterwards is what people are drawn to.”
A common question she gets a lot is about skin type, so to try and make it easy as possible, she added an interactive quiz to the website that helps customers to identify their type and then explore what products would work best for them.
To check out the range or to get more information on products or ask questions, the best way for customers to get in touch is via the Instagram account @lovliskincare or to visit the website