Getting the absolute perfect fit

Wilma Stevens

23 May 2022

Comfortable and correctly fitting lingerie for every lady

Rays Style Boutique lives for that aha moment when she fits women for that perfect fitting bra, that makes your clothes absolutely pop and makes you feel so good about yourself.
Created by Raylene Srhoj, an experienced bra fit specialist with 10 years plus experience, her boutique offers the opportunity for ladies to be fitted virtually or in studio in Mareeba for comfortable and well-fitting lingerie for everyday and special occasions.
Raylene trains ladies to offer these services virtually and locally and offers a Prostheses and Mastectomy fitting options as well.
Bras range from 8A to 24G and clothing in sizes to 8 to 24, with fabrics being manufactured in Australia.
She aims to help ladies create a sustainable capsule clothing wardrobe through beautiful long wearing basics.
Raylene shares “I have a passion for helping ladies feel good in their skin and their underwear, no matter what stage they are in or what shape or size”.
“I love offering 1:1 service for ladies with great customer service to make bra shopping hassle free, I am personable and keep ladies’ confidences when dealing in the delicate and intimate matters of bra fitting”.
Starting the business 10 years ago, in April of 2012, Raylene aspires to continue providing this service forever and helping other ladies to run their own bra businesses too.
She shares “I love that I can run this business from home or on the road and that it’s flexible around my family and my full-time job running the office of our building business”
“I love the social connection aspect of this business, I love connecting with other ladies and helping them feel good through a simple bra, brief or clothing piece”.
“I am proud to be referred to as the INTIMO lady and that ladies often share personal moments with me in confidence before sharing with others, I know that I am trusted”.
Customers often ask when it comes to the boutiques online virtual services if they have to ‘get naked’ for a bra fitting.
“No, they don’t, I’ve had ladies from the next street book a virtual rather than leave home as they find it so convenient.”
“She recommends that ladies get re-fitted every 6 to 12 months or whenever they’ve had any life changing events, pregnancy, weight loss, new exercise program, trauma, health issue, change in relationship, hormone and ageing”.
“But preferences can change over time too”
Her top tips when it comes to bra care are, handwash with mild detergent after wear, avoid heat, air dry only, avoid direct sunlight and store bras flat, one behind the other, do not twist or scrunch.
If customers would like to get in touch with Raylene and the Boutique, there are a variety of ways,
Mobile: 0407024299
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