January Articles

Wilma Stevens

31 Jan 2022

Celebrating our first month of articles

We decided at the start of the year to start writing and sharing articles to help promote businesses, products and personalities.
Writing articles on the blog site would help with our writing and showcase our content creation and public relations skills.
But never along the way did we imagine we would meet such amazing people, their stories and personalities are truly gorgeous, we have never met so kind and beautiful people, they are truly inspirational.
They really went to show, that even though times are tough or if there is a need in the market, following your passions and giving it a go in the pursuit of happiness is the best.
Our first article with @1_year_on_the_road (Instagram), really brought out the adventurous feels, they are such a beautiful family and just go to show there is no barriers if you want to learn and explore, to check out the article please click on this link https://www.walkwithwilz.com.au/news/1_year_on_the_road
Along with the adventurous feels, the creativity and gorgeous fashions of @milanoimai (Instagram) and her online fascinator/hat store brings amazing millinery to the millions, I admit to knowing not much when it came to race fashions but she is so patient and understanding, I have learnt so much from her and you can too, to check out the article please click on this link https://www.walkwithwilz.com.au/news/millinery-for-the-millions
And with extraordinary fashion, comes amazing celebrations and events and the @_thepicniccollective (Instagram) has got you covered, if you would like to do a picnic for that special event or to simply to celebrate then this is the business you need to get in touch with, her set ups are truly magical, for a portfolio of her work check out her Instagram, to check out the article please click on this link https://www.walkwithwilz.com.au/news/life-is-a-picnic
And to capture those special memories, Jess Crerar is your girl, she has taken her passion in photography to the next level and is creating her own photography business, she enjoys family photography but her speciality is pet photography, to check out the article please click on this link https://www.walkwithwilz.com.au/news/pursuing-passions-in-photography
It has been an amazing first month of articles on the blog site and we so look forward to bringing you all so many more articles as the year progresses, there are so many beautiful stories to be shared and so many talented business, products and people out there,
If you would like more information on article subjects please visit the links page, or if you would like to be the feature of an article, please reach out to us on social media, all accounts go under the username walkwithwilz, or you can email walkwithwilz@gmail.com