Life is a picnic

Wilma Stevens

3 Jan 2022

Picnics for every occasion

When Tania Menzel lost her waitressing job due to covid, little did she think holding a picnic for her and her partner would be the start of a new business venture.
She created a picnic using things they already had and had close friends set it up while they drove to the location.
It was from here the idea for her business grew, and after 4 weeks of debating of whether if she should start the business, one day she thought I just have to give this a go.
And from here, The Picnic Collective was born, Tania and friends set up picnics for all kinds of special occasions, from birthdays, baby showers to anniversaries to that all important marriage proposal.
You name the event, the location, the time and the theme/colour and Tania and her team take care of the rest.
Tania explains “as far as locally sourced products go; I always have fresh flowers for a picnic unless clients specify otherwise – which are sourced from a variety of different local suppliers. I also have one fantastic local caterer that I work with quite closely and have some little local business that I buy knick knacks from – like cushion covers and table centrepieces.”
She explains ‘clients, nine times out of ten provide me with their colour scheme or inspiration, especially for larger events, if they are unsure, I let them look through my Instagram page, which is a portfolio of my work’
Her favourite and most memorable event that was a picnic that was hosted in a luxury villa in Port Douglas. It was mid-February and almost 100% humidity, and it was up 3 flights of stairs that were just surrounded by bricks. I was grateful to have worked with a great caterer and had a close friend help out that day, the finished product was to-die-for but the hard work and behind the scenes was insane.
To plan an event or learn more The Picnic Collective please visit @_thepicniccollective on Instagram