Print Shop is back

Wilma Stevens

7 Feb 2022

Purchase our photography in a format that suits you

It has been a long while, but the Print Shop is officially back on the blog,
For the longest time, we could not work out a good way to do a watermark on the photos we wanted to put up for sale.
But with the help of all the awesome features available on we have come to an arrangement we are happy with.
We did not want to put images for sale in the store that did give any recognition to our site and our brand.
We did not want the watermark to take away from the image, but to be subtle enough that it could be seen where the image has come from.
We have tried to make shop easy to use and to give as much information as possible as we can about images.
To start, we have uploaded 4 images, but we hope to add more as we can capture more interesting photos.
Each image in the store can be purchase in a variety of formats.
To purchase an image please click on the buy now link, pick a format and then proceed to payment.
To check out the Print Shop please click on this link