Pursuing passions in photography

Wilma Stevens

24 Jan 2022

Capturing precious memories and moments in time

Jess Crerar is a pet and family photographer who hails from the southwest, Atherton Tablelands, Cairns.
When the global pandemic struck in 2020 and she was laid off from her job, Jess turned to her passion of photography to create an income.
She shares I was 19 when she started her own photography business.
“I had always dreamed of being a photographer and since I had a few months of lockdown to get through, I decided it was now or never”.
“I always wanted to be a family photographer, but once I started photographing pets I absolutely fell in love! Getting to work with peoples beloved pets is so incredibly special to me, and I love that I get to cuddle all of them!”.
“I am also a dog trainer in my spare time, and I do a lot of work with a local dog obedience club which I think really helps, as I know how to handle and pose difficult dogs, and I can read their body language to know when they’re not enjoying something or not comfortable with a pose.”
Her ultimate goal is to be able to work for herself full time,
She explains right now I have a casual gig elsewhere which I really enjoy, but I would absolutely love to get the chance to work for myself full time.
Jess currently promotes her business on social media (mainly Instagram and Facebook but she is trying Tik Tok as well), as well as local markets, and general networking events.
To book a photography session or to check out a portfolio of Jess’s work, please visit @ph0tosbyjess on Instagram or Facebook (Photos by Jess) or via email jessicacrerar@outlook.com.