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Personal Blogz - Freshening up

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Halloumi, Howdy Walkerz,

How are you all doing? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

I bet you are all wondering what happened Wilz, why the new site?

Updates to WIX editor happened,

With the new updates it wouldn't be able to support the old site after April 2020 so here we are with a fresh new site and feel, what do you think Walkerz?

I have also changed a few other things that you might have noticed too,

I have changed the name I call you guys from Walkers to Walkerz because I noticed a great artist online that also call his friends/followers Walkers so as to not to cause confusion I thought I would switch it up, I think the z adds some style too,

I have also modified the logo to give it a bit of colour and style, while I did enjoy the simplicity of just the black and white logo, I thought a bit of colour and adding some personal style would make it a bit more me, I love nature, I love plants and I love the colour green so adding the leaves I felt was a perfect fit,

I also changed the twitter handle, I changed it from @IMWilz to @walkwithwilz, I thought it would be easier for people to find and to pronounce, and i thought it would be more suited to the blog as well,

What do you think of all the changes Walkerz? I think it makes my personal brand and the blog more me, I think if you were to look at the logo and blog items/accounts you can get more of a feel and impression about me, they lend themselves more to standing out and grabbing your attention, don't you think?

I am also taking on some good advice from good friend and I also like to think of her as a mentor Chelsea from Frenchy by Chelsea Elizabeth, I asked her on 1 of her instagram lives tips and tricks for writing and she advised us to just keep creating content to keep writing, even if your not a 100% happy with the piece post it and see the responses you get and that will help you to grow, I think it was great advice and just what I need to spur me on to freshen up the blog,

Can I just take a moment to further plug Chelsea and her brand Frenchy too, Chelsea has become such a great friend of mine and I would really appreciate if you would check out all her awesome content online and to give her follow across all of her social media, she is so kind and considerate, and she always has such great advice, your all more than welcome to join us when she goes live on Instagram, please come and join us and become a member of the Frenchy Fam, I truly love all the love and support I have received from the other members of the Frenchy Fam, they are so sweet and caring,

I invite you all now to take a cruise around the new site and to let me know what you think, I hope to have a lot of new fresh content coming out soon so we can fill up the pages of this new site with lots of wonderful memories and stories, I also hope to have lots reviews coming your way too, so please stay tuned and watch this space,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and lets keep walking on this journey we call life, peace out

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