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Personal Blogz - Christmas Eve and Wilz, let the celebrations begin, pt. 5

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

Sorry sorry according to schedule we should have put a post up on Tuesday but we thought if we could hold on till today we could celebrate Christmas Eve with you all,

We hope despite all the craziness and mayhem in the world atm, with covid and everyone trying to get home to loved ones and family, we can all take a moment just to pause and give thanks for all the goodness and greatness that this year has had, and as bad the year has been made out to be let's cherish the good moments with each other,

So while we all spend time with loved ones during this festive season, let's all take a moment to tell them how much we love, care and treasure them, as cliche as it might sound we never really know how much time we have left on this earth so let's make the most of it while we can, the festive season is not all about the giving and receiving of gifts, it is about making the most of time with loved ones and taking the time to show them just how much we care,

I am curious Walkerz, do you celebrate on Christmas Eve or do you leave all your celebrations for Christmas day?

With my family, we do all of our celebrating on Christmas Eve and then Christmas day is very chill, where I live we have an annual Christmas Eve street parade and we have a lot of close families come over to celebrate, it is a very casual affair where we have a guy dress up as Santa and he hands out lollies to all the kids and visitors, just picture you typical Aussie BBQ with a lot of sweet treats and desserts, and then Christmas day is basically a recovery day filled with lots of festive leftovers, and then this year I think we will actually be hitting the boxing day sales, usually, we use Boxing day as another recovery day but for once I would love to experience the craziness that is the sales, hopefully, I can grab a bargain or two,

Do you hit the boxing day sales Walkerz? And what sale bargains do you look out for? Plus how you all like to celebrate Christmas day? I know we ask a lot of questions, we are just very genuinely curious creatures,

And speaking of Christmas it makes me think there is only one week left remaining of 2020, my how the year has flown by, while 2020 will probably be remembered as the year COVID took over, I hope for each of us there will be some brighter highlights for each of us to take home and to remember, looking back at the year given the times of self-isolation I hope there was a lot of personal growth, and it was a year that we all had to go through to show ourselves that we are strong and we have a lot of self-perseverance, but let's all hope 2021 can the be the year we all bounce back and show the world, this is me, what do you think Walkerz?

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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