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Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

One of the upsides of being stuck home more and indoors thanks to COVID is cheaper cost of concert tickets and online music streams,

So far I have attended the online concert streams for Super Junior and BTS and I hope to be able to attend a couple more before the end of the year is through, usually I have to limit the amount of concerts I can attend because I usually have to travel cross country to see the acts I would like to see, but online streaming has made it so much easier for me to join in,

While sure, online streaming might not entirely have the same atmosphere and ambience as attending a concert live in person, the couple of concert streams I have experienced so far have been really good at introducing and influencing interaction between idols and fan, and fan to fan interaction, mainly while the concert is on there is multiple chat streams that fans can interact on and meet and greet each other,

Along with the chat streams there has also been a great focus on multi cams, usually they will have a camera on each member in the group and a general camera that will focus on the group as a whole, while watching the Super Junior stream I watched mainly through the camera that was focused on my bias Ryeowook but the effects used in general for that whole concert was incredible, there were a lot of fun features that I didn't even know was possible, it was absolutely incredible,

In comparison the biggest stream I have joined in on was the BTS Bang Bang Con stream, it had a different feel to the Super Junior concert stream but nonetheless was incredible to watch, if I remember reading right online there was a enough people who streamed the concert to fill like 13 huge stadiums, it was incredible, but the little segments they took in between actually performing their tracks to engage with the ARMY (BTS fandom name) was nothing short of truly special,

The next couple of streams I would like to catch is the live concert streams for the girl groups Dreamcatcher and G Idle, I really wanted to see Dreamcatcher when they came out to visit Australia last year but unfortunately, it didn't work out for me, and I really want to watch G Idle because I have really been captivated me with their tracks and vocals lately, plus I really want to see how the ladies stream differ from those of the guys, but either way I know I am really going to enjoy all of the streams,

In the Hallyu/Kpop universe it is noted some fans are either guy or girl idol biased but I like both, I am your all round fence sitter, I like to keep my eyes and ear open to all genres within kpop and whether they be by guys or girls, I mutual respect for them both,

I am curious to know Walkerz, have you guys caught any musical streams/concert whilst in COVID isolation? What did you like about them and what do you think they could have done better? Let's all share and discuss,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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