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Personal Blogz - Wilz adds some emotion

"Last month we tried a free writing exercise, and after some googling for some fresh exercises, we kept running into the same conclusion, add an emotion they say"

Aioli everyone,

Hope you have all been well,

Building on the free writing exercise we have been learning with this year, we took to google to see if there is more writing exercises out there,

"And the most common response we got with our searches is to add emotion, so before starting a free writing exercise, choose an emotion, for example either sadness, happiness or joy and using that feeling and embracing it, letting the writing go"

So we wanted to give it a try, the emotion we chose is sadness, there is so much we would love to share with you all about this emotion and how it has shaped our journey to where we are today,

We believe sadness, tainted our journey for the first time when my father got sick and passed away in 2018, we don't usually share too much about our family online but for those who do actually know us in person, they know we have a very tight knit family, so when he passed, it really felt like a piece of the family puzzle was missing, out of everyone I know, my family, especially my Dad knew me to a T and with his passing, it really served to remind me to choose happiness and to pursue my dreams, a lot of people told me he would continue to watch over me from a far, and I wanted him to be proud of his little girl, I just hope I have done him proud,

2018 was such a horrible year, at the start of the year, we lost my Dad but at the end of the year, we lost our Feathered Assistant, for all those who don't know the Feathered Assistant, she was a rainbow lorikeet, we got her when I was 3, we grew up and learned together, like my Dad, she was a huge love and influence in my life, I adored them both so much, so to have them both pass in the same year was just too much, but like my Dad, I promised the Feathered Assistant, no matter what, I would try my best and that like Dad, I would never forget and I will always love them,

"Sadness really pushed me to remember that even though I had lost some of most precious loved ones so dear to me, I should try my best to do them proud"

So in honor to them, I vowed it to them and to myself I would see my degree through and I would achieve the dream, however much my dreams might change along the way, I would achieve the dreams, I would be happy and I wouldn't allow any obstacle stand in my way, they believed in me and with that in my heart I can and could achieve anything,

"Sadness as an emotion, doesn't have to hold us back, we can use it to motivate us"

Loosing so much in just one year made me determined, even though they were no longer with me, I would not only achieve these dreams for myself but for them too, I would give it my best and know they would always be close by when I needed them, they would always be in my mind and in my heart, I will never forget them and all that they did for me, I love and appreciate them always,

"For when I feel overwhelmed and anxious now, they are my voice of reason, my passion, my love"

To my Dad and to my Feathered Assistant, wherever you may have journeyed to now, thank you for being in my life and all that you imparted and taught me, I love you guys so much, you always serve to remind me, I can and I will do this, thank you for making me who I am today and for showing me what love is, you will always be treasures to me,

How do you think we went with the exercise everyone?

If you like to do free writing exercises, how about you give this twist a go too, we would love to read your results, let's all share our writing and give each other feedback, together we can learn and grow

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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