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Personal Blogz - Wilz and Blogmas Week 2

"2nd week of Decemeber 2021 done and dusted, the festive season is progressing so fast, are you keeping up?"

Aioli everyone,

Season's greetings,

The end of the year is high upon us now, only a fortnight left of the current year to go, my how the year flew by, but we do hope everyone is getting excited for the new year, it will be a fresh year of excitement and lots of fun opportunity, we can all work together to make 2022 the bestest year yet,

"8th of December was a Wednesday, blog day"

Wednesdays mark blog days, and true to form a blog post went up, we decided to try our hand at doing Blogmas, so for the blog, we recapped our first week of December 2021, we thought it would be a lovely memento for when we look back on the blog in the future to see and read through just how we spent the festive season 2021,

"9th of December was a Thursday, errand day"

After a short shift at work, it was time to hit the grocery to pick up some Christmas treats, we tried to split the Christmas menu over a couple of shops so it wasn't one big hit, but on this day we picked up some essentials that we were missing and some more little bits and pieces for Christmas recipes

"10th of Decemeber was a Friday, unofficial Christmas party day

After doing the usual Friday work shift, it was barely home for a few moments before off to the city for some last-minute shopping and then off to my sister's work Christmas gathering, it wasn't their official Christmas party but it was just a few drinks over dinner at a local restaurant for them to all catch-up and chill, we didn't stay too long into the night but coming home there were some truly scary drivers on the road

"11th of December was Saturday, a day to try and relax and unwind"

Saturday was catch up day, catch up on rest and tasks we hadn't been able to get to during the week, my family caught on bits and pieces of Christmas decorations and I tried to catch up on online computer tasks before watching the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) for the night

"12th of Decemeber was Sunday, a day off and rest"

Sunday was a day off and we tried to relax as much as possible, we didn't get up to much but we did catch up with family overseas through long facetime calls,

"13th of December was Monday, back to work we go day"

After a some period of rest it was back to an early morning work shift, after work it was back home to catch up on household chores and online job responsibilities

"14th of December was Tuesday, last lot of Christmas cards sent off day"

Tuesday was a day off so we headed into our local town, finally got my mother's haircut and I dropped off the last lot of Christmas cards and some raffle tickets at the local post office, we had lunch in town at a local cafe and then headed home for the afternoon

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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