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"Being involved in the community and meeting everyone along the way is so precious, you can make so many friends"

Aioli everyone,

Hope you have all been well,

While we have some time before attending a local community progress meeting tonight we thought we would share with you all, our journey of getting involved in our local community,

While most of you are aware, your blogger is a freelance writer and as a way to seek out some local stories we started to attend our local community progress association meetings, it was super daunting at first since we were clearly the youngest member in the room, but it has been so much fun to learn about each and every member, their lives and how they came to be where they are in life right now,

When we say we are the youngest, the average age of the members is like 50 plus, but for them to have a younger person's perspective is refreshing, it really gives them hope for going into the future, that there is young people out there who are interested in the prospects of the community and what it can become,

To give you a bit of a run down of our area without sharing too much due privacy reasons, we live in a small beachside area not too far outside of Cairns, Far North Queensland, it is nice and peaceful place and while we do want to promote it, we still want to keep its quiet and calm nature, it is a lovely getaway for those just looking to rest and relax,

"Although a lot of the residents are on the older side, it is so rewarding for us younger folk to hear their stories and experiences about the local area, it is amazing to hear and see how the area progressed and has grown over the years"

Still living in the same area as we grew up in, knowing about the history of the place is so valuable, it makes us treasure it so much more, and over the years meeting the people that have moved in and out of the area has been so interesting to see, at the moment we have a lot of older folk moving to the area, away from the big cities, looking for somewhere secluded and quiet to settle down, it is honestly a great place to just sit back and relax and to enjoy the waves,

But along our journey, getting involved with the local community has been such a great highlight, they are all super supportive of what we hope to achieve and our dreams, and like most of the people in our lives we have adopted most of them as extended family, for most people that know us in real life, we have so many adopted aunts and uncles and meeting all these new people just adds to the family, we do adore them all,

"And just like any extended family, they are so inclusive and happy to share, we have been invited to so many fun celebrations and hang outs"

Our fave community celebrations would have to be Australia Day, its our yearly excuse for a game of backyard cricket, firing up the BBQ and to have a drink with friends, we don't get ourselves involved in all the politics that goes along with the day but we enjoy some friendly conversation, catch up with those who we haven't seen in a while and down a snag or two, it makes for a glorious day out with fun company,

"But along with any journey making friends with the locals is such an awesome idea, they can teach and show you all the best hangouts and all the best spots, you can't beat local knowledge"

Going forward, we can't wait to see what the community can achieve as we all come together, and with the help with our local political members, we can make our dreams come true for our area and our association,

But it is not just in your local community, that reaching out can reap benefits, just taking the time to talk to people can teach you so much about them, and even if your not big on small talk like your blogger is, just remember you can start out small, although asking about the weather can seem cringy, its a foot in the door and lead onto big and better things, you just have to try,

"For example, let Wilz have a try, how is weather where you live?"

Not hard, is it? If you have been following this blog for a bit now you would probably know your blogger was a painfully shy person back in the day, but with each little step, and with lots of courage, Wilz is breaking out of that, we are finding humans interesting creatures and the decisions they make extraordinary, but if you are like us just take it one step at time, don't try to go all in at once, that is just setting yourself up for failure, slow and steady wins the race here, take it at your pace,

"Each answer you receive, is answer you can learn so much more about the other person, one step at time you can learn so much more, have faith and resilience, you have got this"

Each answer you receive can give you information and link you into the next question you can ask and before you know it, hey presto conversation, if you follow our track of thinking, but just take it as you feel comfortable, no rush, small steps can add into big leaps, you have got this

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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