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"Coming towards the end of our communications degree, its time to look forward, how do we want to use our degree to further our career?"

Aioli everyone,

We hope you have all been well,

We are almost at the finish line now but a question that has been plaguing us, is how do we want to take this degree and turn it into something greater, what is the plan for after graduation?

It may feel like we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves, with our degree not yet complete but being so close to the end now, it seems like a waste if we don't have a plan for what is next, we have been thinking about what is our game plan and how can use this degree to take ourselves further,

While sharing our writing is great, we would love to see just how far we can go, while we do like and enjoy freelancing unfortunately it is not a stable profession, ultimately we would love to have a stable job and that stable form of income, cause you never know what will happen in the future to have some savings to back us up whatever we choose to do would be the ultimate goal,

At the moment we have not settled one on possible career path, but the door is open to adventure and experience, we have looked into doing different forms of writing as in more forms of journalism and creative writing but we have also looked into doing international relations since we do value cultural communications and relations, but nothing is firmly settled so we are still up in the air,

But after how many years of study now, starting this degree in 2018, you would think we would want a break from the study, but depending on the path that we settle on, we think we would be okay to jump into more study, taking it slow and steady, we can achieve this,

"But we think going into any endeavour having a good attitude and belief is essential, believing you can do it and you can achieve is a must, have faith in yourself, cause if you don't, honestly who will"

When we first starting studying our communications degree, a lot of people asked us why would you want to do that, but now looking back and seeing what we have achieved and learned along the way we have given them more than reason enough why we chose to do this, having good communication skills no matter what job you matter enter, even in just life in general is big plus, and for someone who started out so shy, this degree has really opened us up and we have progressed so much,

"If there was some advice that we truly valued, it was to celebrate your achievements along the way, no matter how big or small, you are achieving accomplishments, you should be proud of yourself, you should celebrate"

When you look back on your journey you should be so proud, just think from where you started and where you are now, you had to take that first big leap, take those small steps forward and look what you have accomplished, we are so proud of you even if it doesn't feel like you have done or travelled far, you did it, we deserve to celebrate those accomplishments,

Going forward from here, we hope we can be here to support and encourage each other, for just as important as taking those steps forward, it is important to have a good support network, let us be there for you as you can be here for us, your support and encouragement is gold to us,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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