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"We are back doing the subject where we learnt about free writing exercises, so to celebrate lets do a free write exercise"

Aioli everyone,

How are you all?

Coming towards the end of our degree, we are coming full circle and re-doing the courses that we did not do well at thanks to battling with anxiety at the time, but this time around we are going to try and give it our best,

At the moment, we are re-doing the subject where we learnt about doing free writing exercises so here we are to celebrate doing a free writing exercise,

Practicing free writing exercises has really helped us be able to get out our feelings and thoughts more easily and organise our writings much better,

Have any of you tried free writing exercises before? We are keen to learn if you feel like they have helped you, we were really doubtful when we first learned about them but now after a few tries we feel like it helps heaps, just one of the many helpful skills we have learned along the way of our degree,

"We have to admit when we first started our degree, we weren't sure how it would honestly help us, but it has helped so greatly to bring us out of our shell and diversify our thinking, it has been one of the best things to happen for us"

The aspiration going into the degree was to work in the media in particular the PR (public relations) industry, but going along through the course, we have learned what particular skills we are strong at and others which we need to work at, for instance this semester in our studies we have feature writing, which we feel we are okay at, and we also have web design, which we feel like we are and sorry for our little faith, but absolute rubbish at, but that is okay, we know and we can work at bettering our skills,

Doing this degree has really opened us, not just to different current career opportunities but as a person too, we can't remember if we have shared this on the blog but by nature we are naturally very shy and this degree has opened us up to talking to many types of different people and being a lot more expressive with our writing and trying lots of different styles of writing, we are so appreciative for that, but in respects to the career front, it has opened us to so many more different career opportunities, atm yes we are a freelance writer but there is so much out there that we never knew of, such as copy writing, journalism, and creative writing just to mention a few,

Without realising it in the past we were doing a lot of copy writing activities, and it is something we do enjoy doing, so much so we would love to get our copy write certificate down the line, but after our degree there is still so many further studies and courses that we are looking into doing, the future is looking bright, we just don't know how we want to steer the path yet,

"We invite you all to share your dreams and aspirations with us, if your a student or already working we would love to hear what you would like to achieve or dream to achieve"

We always encourage your feedback and conversation here on our blog and across all of our social media accounts, we can be found on most social media platforms under the account name @walkwithwilz, hearing from you all always brightens our day so much, and knowing that you are reading our content and enjoying it is so amazing, it gives us so much joy and happiness to know people are checking out our blog and content, it gives us so much encouragement to keep going and pursuing our passions,

"We are curious though, do any of you have blogs or have favourite blogs that you follow? We would love for you to share"

As we have shared on the blog before reading as a writer helps so much in learning about different techniques and genres, we know we aren't the greatest of bloggers but reading and sharing posts of your favourite bloggers helps so much, not only to share their content with a great audience but increasing their searchability online, we do admit we have been guilty lately of not sharing our content as we have not been entirely satisfied with our posts, but we can only try better going into the future

"Going forward, we hope we can produce and give you much better blogs and work on our content skills, that is our promise to you"

Having this blog has been such a great way to learn, grow and document our journey, if you are studying or want to document your travels we highly suggest keeping a blog too, if you start or do have a blog, please share, we would love to read and share your content,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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