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Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

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For as long as I can remember music has always played a big part in my life, it helps me to unwind and relax but also keeps me company while I study,

In this blog I want to share with you all 16 tracks that I have really been admining lately, these tracks have been high up on my playlist, and I would love to share them with you all so you can check them out too, please feel free to share with us all your top 16 too, I am not going to put these in any particular order, but I shall include the YouTube links so you can watch the music videos if you would like,

So first track I would love to share with you all is Lana's Keep It Real, YouTube Link:, I have been following Lana for a while now but she truly inspires me being an international fan of Kpop. Originally from hailing from Russia, Korea is her adoptive home and she has accomplished so much there, from student to an idol in her right, this track speaks volume for the type to the message she want to share with her fans, the Luminous (fandom name)

Another track that I find truly inspiration is Itzy's Wannabe, YouTube Link:, following on from the message in Lana's track, this track speaks volumes for just being yourself too, don't let anyone hold you back or try to be someone your not, just be you and only you and you will shine, I have a bad habit now once I hear this tune to do the shoulder dance move, it is a great way to unwind some stress in the shoulders but also a little bit of fun too,

Keeping it going for the girls, next track I would love to share with you all is (G)I-dle's Lion, YouTube Link:, in terms of Kpop groups, this all female group has been really strong and fierce in their tracks and their performances too, and the strong beat that features right throughout this track is just testament to that, add the strong vocals of this track to the beat and this track is badass, you go girls, or should I say queens,

Just recently debuted and fresh on the scene, welcome in the fresh track Tag me from new girl group Weekly, YouTube Link:, as cute as they appear on the video the message of the video is a catchy one, if you could tag me, what would you say about me? I am curious Walkerz, if you tagged me, what would you say about me?

With videos that always tell a story that always keep me captivated, and one of my favourite girl groups, GFriend is feeling fruity this time around with their track Apple, YouTube Link:, GFriend always captivate me with their fashions and playful nature, they are so sweet and their vocals simply stunning and gorgeous, these girls seem to always capture my attention,

While the next video is a bit more out there, this track from Mamamoo's Hwasa has a such a strong and bold message to it, YouTube Link:, while the video I have already mentioned is very bold and may be confronting to some, it does great for getting its message across well, the song in a sentence, you don't have to deal with hate when you are beautiful, and always Hwasa's vocals are delicious,

Keeping with the boldness but also being really catchy, the next track I would love to share is from Red Velvet Irene and Seulgi, Monster, YouTube Link:, this track in a sentence I am a little monster taking you over, be afraid, but wow I am blown away by their vocals and the dance moves, these monsters are certainly taking me over, I can't get enough of this track,

But let's switch is up with some guys now, one track I simply can't get enough of is VICTON's Mayday, YouTube Link:, the chorus to this track always gets stuck in my head once I hear it, but I love the dance routine to this track too, the guys perform it so well and with such strength, much credit to them and we will have to watch out for their member Han Seung Woo's solo debut soon,

Just as I let YouTube keep rolling, it plays me a newly released track that I can't get enough of, I am in love too ATEEZ, Inception, YouTube Link:, a video that features a lot of beds and talks of dreams, Atiny (fandom name) are dreaming a dream every night too, I remember saying in a tweet it could literally be a music video of the members sleeping and I would still love it, I adore this group and I have been lucky enough to see them live and their performance and vocals are incredible, I couldn't be more proud of them,

From their cute beginnings, my how this next group has grown right before our very eyes, enter Golden Child's One Lucid Dream, YouTube Link:, right from the get go of the track, the bass and beat hit you like a freight train but how their vocals have matured and the dance routine strong and powerful, it has been an absolute please to see these guys grow and prosper,

One guy I always seem to find myself saying yes to is Jeong Sewoon, with his fresh newly released track Say Yes, YouTube Link:, his tracks always tell such a great stories and vocals and visuals so sweet and angelic, he totally has that boy next door feel but is just so adorable, always love me some Sewoon,

Bringing it back home to Australia, I couldn't go through this list without have some Stray Kids and their delicious track God's Menu, YouTube Link:, for those who don't know their leader and member, Bang Chan and Felix both hail from Australia, but this track and it's video are both so yummy, I love the dance routine and each of the members get to shine with their talents in this track, lovely work all round,

One track that I instantly fell in love just from watching it on YouTube is Super Junior's Somebody New, YouTube Link:, this video was taken behind the scenes by the members, and is a collection of fun little snippet videos but the song is so beautiful and catchy, I absolutely adore it and can't help but sing along with it every time it comes on my YouTube playlist,

I couldn't have this playlist without featuring one of my brightest stars in the sky, my ultimate bias Ryeowook, and his good friend Zhoumi, enter the track Starry Night, YouTube Link:, I love how their voices blend so well on this track and the harmonies are so calming and relaxing to watch and listen too, this track is just so beautiful, I could listen to it hours on end glancing up to a starry night,

From sweet and adorable, let's take some direction with the team from Seventeen with their track Left or Right, YouTube Link:, this track and its dance for the chorus is just so catchy, the only question left now is left or right? which way will you go?

And to finish the playlist I thought I would go for a classic that always seems to pop up on my YouTube playlist and that is Monsta X's English track Middle of the night, YouTube Link:, from Korean Kpop to now tracks fully in English, I couldn't be more proud of Monsta X, they are talking on the world one language at a time and they are looking so handsome doing it too, you got me Monsta X,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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