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Personal Blogz - Wilz and the appreciation post

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

In light of the Wellness and Me blog series, and in light of the chaos that is thanks to covid, we want to give some thanks out to raise everyone's spirits,

We can't go any further without giving appreciation to you who is reading this blog right now, the fact that you are here means you are showing your love and support for our blog and what we are trying to achieve and we are most appreciative for your love and support, it really means the world to us, thank you so very much,

If you have been following this blog for a bit, you would know recently I have been having some tough times with my anxiety and making my way back to wellness, hence the Wellness and Me blog series, if you haven't checked out the series so far please click on these links to check out and read parts 1 and 2 so far

In my journey back to wellness, we so want to give a lot of love and appreciation to the family and friends that have been there for me along the way and we would love to show them a lot of love and support, just as they have shown me a lot of love and support too, for without them all I don't know where I would be atm, they have been some my best confidants and my shoulders to cry on, they have stuck with me through thick and thin and we love them so much, thank you and we appreciate you,

There is also a couple of spirits I would love to show my appreciation for, I know they aren't here physically but they will always be watching over me and protecting me, and that is my Dad and my Feathered Assistant, there isn't a day that goes past that I don't think of you two and wonder how you are doing and where you have gotten to, but I know you two are always there for me and I will always love and appreciate you,

A lot of love and appreciation has to go out to the Walkerz, the lovers and supporters of this blog, you guys are the reason why we keep this blog going and you always give me the inspiration and encouragement to keep learning and growing, you guys give me the strength to try and become the best version of myself that I can become, I always so thankful for your love and support and with your backing we will keep this blog going for as long as we can take it, thank you and much appreciation,

We are curious though Walkerz, who are you most appreciative for?

We hope by showing our love and appreciation, we hope that we can give you the strength and encouragement to keep going and to stay strong, we also give our love and appreciation to all the those who are giving up their time and energy to take care of others and to nurse those who are sick and struggling back to health, you guys are absolute champions, to all of you we give a big round of applause and a pat on the back, thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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