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Personal Blogz: Wilz and the communication journey

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

I get asked a lot why did I choose to study communications, what do I plan to do when I finish my course, well let me share with you my journey,

I started studying my Bachelors in Communications in April 2018 and so far I am just over half way done with my course, forgiven if I passed all of my subjects when I did them the first time I would be a lot further through but because I failed some of my subjects because of being sick and my anxiety but I am redoing some of my semesters so I can pass them more faithfully,

But let me share with you all my journey to get to this stage in my life, to start I guess you could say I was a really bad communicator, I was painfully shy and quiet as a child, I wouldn't speak out unless I felt comfortable, while I was very talkative with family, at school I was very quiet and kept to books and writing,

But even with the books and writing there was one little creature who helped me with my discovery of language and words and that was my precious little feathered assistant, my pet bird, she was always so patient with me and loved to learn alongside me, we always had very similar tastes and we always enjoyed many activities together, she passed away in December of 2018 but right up and until the end we were inseparable, she will always be in my heart and continues to inspire me,

As time progressed with my feathered assistant's help I began to find my voice and tried in portions to be more assertive, little by little I tried communicating more, speaking out and getting more expressive with my writing, as you can probably guess my fave subject was English, it allowed me freedom in my mind to write and to play with words,

I have always loved to explore with words, the more weirder the better I like to think, whenever I would read I would always like to search the words I didn't know and grow my vocabulary that way, when I was younger I would always read hand me downs from my sister but now I experiment will all different styles of texts and genres, from newspapers and magazines to horror and romance novels, I am trying to read a wide range,

After with a very bad experience with one course I studied which led to me to my first rock bottom experience with anxiety, it was hard for me to get back into study, but I decided to preserve, I decided to take my first online course and edge my way back in slowly, online study let me study at my own pace and when I felt okay, to my surprise I actually found I really enjoyed studying that way, it took the pressure off that I didn't have to attend classes when dictated and I had a lot more freedom in my learning to explore the facets I wanted to check out,

When I finished that first course and I was in a bit more settled place with my anxiety, it gave me time to evaluate, where did I want to go with my studies and my career, what dream did I want to achieve, so my plan was to take out a blank piece of paper, write down all the activities I enjoyed doing and try to pick a course or a career that would take in as many of them as I could,

This process reaffirmed my love for blogging, as I enjoy writing and photography, but it made me think about PR as a career option, PR would allow me to write, indulge in some photography and I hoped in course share my passion of Hallyu/Kpop with the world, it seemed perfect, so I began to look up courses I could take to follow this dream and so came forth the Bachelor of Communications degree,

Studying the Bachelor of Communications degree with the University of South Australia online has been such a precious and eye opening journey, it has nurtured my own forms of communication and made me a much better communicator I think, I feel like I am more vocal now and it really shows on this blog, I don't keep secrets from anyone and I am open and honest about everything,

A lot of people that I know will tell you that I can't lie to save my life and I think keeping secrets is just wrong and takes way too much energy, the truth will set you free, it is really true, as they have told us in our course it is better to get the message across and be blunt then to be overly sweet and miss the message entirely with too many details, wouldn't you agree,

Well that is how I have gotten to this point, I would love to hear your stories and passions behind your studies, what is it that you want to achieve? Let's share and discuss,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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