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Personal Blogz - Wilz and the day drunk bidding war

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

I don't know if I just did something super stupid or admirable but I just took part and won the ebay bid_for_good auction for the Morgan Evans bag

This was my first time ever taking part in an Ebay auction, and while I did send in a few early bids to test the waters initially to see how the sharks were biting, can you tell I enjoy a bit of fishing here and there, my motive in taking part was do something nice for my sister,

If you can guess from the title of the blog 'day drunk' which is famous track and album from Morgan Evans, if you have spotify you can check out the album and the track by visiting this link

My sister is a big fan of Morgan Evans, it was the main reason why Wilz ended up in Sydney last year even though I was sick, we (my sister and I) went to one of his Sydney concerts at the Enmore Theatre,

Even though as many of you may already know, I wasn't in the best condition healthwise but I still made the trip because I wasn't going to let my sister down, and no I can already hear some people's thoughts already I didn't have a contagious illness, so it was safe for me to travel,

I would have loved to visit the Enmore Theatre in a much better state, but oh my gosh if you guys ever get the chance, it is definitely worth the visit and if you get to see a live concert there, your so lucky, the theatre has so much character and the architecture of the building is so beautiful, it has such beautiful acoustics for live music,

But back to the auction, it was an auction to raise money for charity, a lot of famous music stars got together, personally signed and designed backpacks and filled them with some of their merch and other signed goodies, and seeing as we couldn't really celebrate my sister's birthday in April thanks to self isolation due to COVID 19, I guess you can say Wilz did the day drunk thing, waited for the last 30 seconds in the auction and then went in for the attack and fired off some bids,

I piped a fellow bidder at the post, while I admit it was a substantial amount of money I didn't really care, I like to think no amount of money could ever amount to a loved one's happiness and seeing them smile, I know some people out there are saying but didn't you try to buy happiness by getting her those items, to that I say no, these are not everyday items/pieces of merch you can readily purchase and it was the thought that counted the most, not the monetary value, if I wanted to buy her happiness trust me when I say I would have to spend a lot more than I did,

My aim in taking part in the auction was that if I could win the prize, I knew my sister would really appreciate it, and to be in a position where I could try and do that for her was worth so much more than money in the grand scheme of things, I like to think there are really some things in life that you can put a monetary value on and it is really true when they say the best things in life are free,

For example I like to think some of the best things in life like your family and friends are free and worth way more than money could ever be, I like to think you are nothing without them around to love and support you, they know your true colours and character and have your back when times get tough, the least we can do as a good person is to show them that you love and treasure them, so to my sister, this is Wilz the day drunk saying I love and treasure you,

If you can do anything today Walkerz, please those who you treasure just how much you love them too, for you never know one day you may not get the chance again, so take and grasp it while you have the chance,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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