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Personal Blogz - Wilz and the free write update

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

When you admittedly had nothing prepared to pop on the blog so I thought I would practice something they have put some focus on in my studies this semester and that is doing free writing exercises,

I have featured a couple of these on the blog before and I do find them a great way of getting my thoughts out of my head and out for everyone to see and read, but to be honest there have been some thoughts I would like some Walkerz feedback on,

Besides my bachelors course in communications there are a few courses/certificates on the side I have been thinking about doing but I would appreciate some feedback from people who have perhaps have done these sorts of course/certs and or people in the industry,

A big one that has been suggested to me not only by family but by friends too is to do a certificate in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language), while I do enjoying helping people out language wise, I have never tried any sort of teaching before and I wonder how I would go in that aspect of the course, along with that it looks like the courses require a lot of practical hours to be put in too and I wonder if I am position to be able to do that,

But every person that I have spoken to so far thinks I would be great at it, they say I am very patient and understanding and have a knack for working with people who are not strong in English, they tell me it would be a great career choice for me but I worry about the reliability of work and if it is a secure job option, if anyone is in the industry could you help me by telling me more about your experiences and if there is any companies out there reading this I would appreciate you feedback too, much appreciation in advance,

Another option that has popped up is the possibility of doing a certificate in copywriting, recently there has been quite a few instances where people have asked for me to read over their writing/documents and it has got me thinking, if I have the chance down the track should I do a copywriting certificate?

I do think it would be a great skill to have but I just wonder like the last certificate how reliable it is a career option and if it is perhaps a skill I could acquire once I am finished doing my bachelors, so many what if and considerations to think of,

I have also thought of doing a course in entertainment journalism, I know my course is communications but there is no particular focus on that sort of journalism though, I am currently studying a subject called Advanced News Writing but is more of a subject on feature writing so my thinking is should I do a course like this to supplement my studies in this field in my bachelors course, there is just so many different paths I could go down,

There is so much I need to think over before I make any decisions, but one thing I really need to focus on though is graduating my bachelors, the end is not that far off and it has really already opened me up so many great opportunities, and for that I am super grateful, it has also made me a much better communicator too, I am almost there and I constantly remind myself I can do this,

So what do you think Walkerz, I am keen to hear your thoughts and insights, let's all share and discuss, I think we could really help each other out by sharing,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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