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Personal Blogz - Wilz and the May freewriting exercise

"There is no better way to better your writing, then putting pen to paper, well in this case hand to keyboard and just letting the ideas flow"

Aioli everyone,

How are you all doing?

It has been a while since we have done a free writing exercise, so while we are stuck inside with the weather being horrible and miserable outside, let's give it a go,

As always the rules are when we try one of these free-write exercises is to just the let ideas flow and only minimal editing allowed, manly only spelling, the concept of the exercise is to set yourself a time limit and just to let the ideas flow onto the document, just free and natural, kind of like brainstorming, or clearing the mind, and then when you are done, you can look back and organise your thoughts, sounds simple right

"There is nothing more inviting that a blank page and a pen, or in this case blank document and keyboard, it is up to you how you express yourself"

We saw this quote online this week and it rang so true for us as writers, there is no bad writing, just put pen to paper and try, when we come to think of it, as writers, this is where most writers started out and for most people how we hone our craft, that plus reading, we feel like reading a multitude of genres has really helped us in our writing and bettering our written expressions, but just putting pen to paper like doing a free writing exercise helps to get the creative juices following and to be a more skilled and efficient writer,

"Reading other people's work and seeing how they express themselves on a page, is really insightful and uplifting"

While we realise most genres aren't for all people, stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing how others express themselves in other genres can really help you as a writer build on your skills and range, seeing how different types of writers express themselves in different styles can give you a guide if you ever have to do a piece of writing in that style, seeing how they use different expressions and use different vocabulary can be helpful experience,

Stepping out of our comfort zone and building some experience, we have started by venturing into the horror genre with some Stephen King novels, and we have recently started reading an English classic in North and South, to our surprise we have come to enjoy Stephen King novels even though the thought of horror truly scares us, but we have always enjoyed a bit of English classics growing up reading Charles Dickens during high school,

"With most of the extended family knowing we are writers, they often gift us with journals, just blank journals, but for one secret santa we did request a family member to gift us books that have inspired them"

This was probably one of the best requests we made for a secret Santa gift, not only did we get to learn a lot about that person with the type of books that inspired them but they also opened our eyes and mind to new genres and stories, but the blank journals, while we have heard from some of the gifters, that it felt a bit meanial to them, they knew the blank pages were an open invitation to us which we could fill with tales and stories that we could share with others,

"Learning another's story and being able to share it, is gold for us, while we are not overly social beings, just listening and being able to relay and promote it to a greater audience gives us so much pleasure"

We never realised how much till we got our first bit of published work and the feeling was a euphoric for us, knowing that even though we weren't particularly outspoken people, knowing that our words that we had written could say so much more blew our minds, it really gave us ammunition and feeling in the cliche saying the greatest weapon is the pen, but at the same time it did teach us to be careful and accurate with our words cause they can cause so much more damage that you could ever know,

"But we will wrap up this blog with the saying, you will never know unless you try"

As we have tried, we invite you to try a free writing exercise, putting the pen to paper and just releasing all that is in your mind, if you give it a go we would love to read how you go, you can share with us on social media, we can easily be found @walkwithwilz on most platforms,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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