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Personal Blogz - Wilz and the sickie burn out

Halloumi, howdy Walkers,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

Wilz apologises deeply for not posting last night on schedule but Wilz was burnt out and sick,

I am getting better with my time management skills, but lately I have just let everything get on top of me and my body just couldn't keep up so I crashed out and the blog didn't get posted my apologies, I woke up for work this morning and I was so disappointed with myself, but I can't change what has happened now, I can only post tonight to catch up and to apologise to you all,

But it did make think of a great post that our dear friend @FrenchyByChelseaElizabeth recently posted on her blog, How to Create a Better Work-Life Balance, you can check out her blog on this link, or you can find all of her helpful blog entries on her website

Reading the post, it was definitely an eye opener for me after last night's fail, these are definitely some tips I need to take on board, I had been slacking greatly on the organised front and I so need to get back to organising my weeks out with my pen and paper so I know what is coming up and I can plan out accordingly,

Speaking of that, it reminds me of a question that I was asked in one of my subjects in my course, do you prefer pen and paper to write and organise or are you a digital person and prefers an online calendar like google or a similar? Which one are you Walkerz?

I am definitely a pen and paper person, but I do also keep a digital copy of the main events I have coming up so if I have to take note of a event on the fly I can quickly enter it on my phone and when I write my schedule out for the week I can quickly check there and sync the calendars together,

But on top of that I so need to take better care of my health, at the moment I have a few health issues that I need to take care of and hopefully once I can get on top of those I will be fighting fit and can give my all to all that I take on,

I also feel like mentally I am in a good space too, after coming off my mediation, if you would like to know more about that journey please read my blog post Wilz and the anxious roller coaster on this link, but since being clean, I have learned my limits, how to self soothe and how to deal with the worries and bad thoughts, many thanks to my psychologist for helping me with these skills, but I am doing okay, there is a lot internal dialogue that happens but I am at peace there and I am okay,

Just a reminder for all of you Walkerz, if you are not feeling okay or just want someone to talk to I am here for you, you can find all my contact details on the contact page of this site, please remember there is help out there and please reach out, it is okay not to be okay, and we will try to help you the best we can, please don't stay silent,

Another great place for tips and yes I am going to plug it again because I am so proud of her and content is really that great, is definitely on our dear friend @FrenchyByChelseaElizabeth's website, that website for you again is, you can find many helpful topics in her blogs and she has 2 free, yes you read that right FREE helpful downloadable checklists, one for daily self care and helpful checklist for students, you can also purchase her book 'Getting into my dream university, a guide on how you can do the same' a really helpful book for students and for everyone in general if you into study to getting into dream university and how to excel, please check out all these awesome resources

Well that is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and lets keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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