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Personal Blogz - Wilz brings back the blog

"It has been a long time in between blogs, but we are back, and after some revamping, lets try this again, new blog posts every Wednesday"

Aioli everyone,

How are you all doing? We hope you have all been well,

After some consideration, we decided to bring it all back, back to where it all started, free writing and sharing on this blog,

In the time we have taken away from the blog, we do admit to feeling a bit lost and having no inspiration in our craft of writing, but to switch things and to get inspired again, we are back with the blog and just typing away to our hearts content, no better way than just to get it all out there right?

And not to get too over zealous and put too much pressure on ourselves, we are going to strip it back to just one blog a week, so look out for a fresh new blog post every Wednesday evening, we want to go for quality over quantity, there is still so much that we would love to do and explore with this blog, I hope we can make it happen and we invite you all to join us all along for the ride,

"We would love to share with you all some of the articles we have written, reviews, recaps of our trips and our experiences as an online student"

Anything and everything, we hope in writing more and more frequently we can help hone our skills and be more creative, its only upward and forward from here on in, we would also love to explore creating more different types of content, photos and video, and learn as many different type of skills that we can, let's be social on social,

As a part of the revamp on the site here, if you have been following the site for a bit now, you would have noticed we have removed the social media pages but links to our socials can still be found in the footer section of each page, but do know we are pretty easily found on most socials platforms @walkwithwilz, if you do see us on socials please be sure to say hi, we would love to meet you and get to know you, we are always curious to see just how far this blog reaches and the different types of people we can meet,

"And never fear, we are in the process of putting back together the Print Store, once we can work out a good way to watermark images, we can upload to the store and it will be back up and running again, we hope you all check it out"

We have a lot of images backed up but we would like to find a way to put a watermark on them that is not so invasive and doesn't disturb the image too much, if anyone knows any good ways to do this, please reach out to us and let us know, we would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance,

"It feels so good to be back, we have missed this, and we hope you have enjoyed our first entry back, please watch this space, we have lots more to come, we thank you all for you love and support thus far"

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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