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Personal Blogz - Wilz brings in Blogmas pt. 2 reliving the feathered memories

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

This year we are trying something new, we are trying out Blogmas, a blog form of vlogmas, if you haven't checked out part 1 of this series please click on this link here,

Now that you are all caught up, let's progress to Blogmas part 2, in this entry we are going to share some our favourite feathered memories to commemorate the year that has been,

If you are not familiar with the Feathered Assistant, she was my pet rainbow lorikeet who really helped me create and design this blog, she helped me to mould it and shape it into what it is today, unfortunately, she passed in December of 2018, but I thought this would be a lovely way to commemorate her memory and to share with family and friends, young and old the type of bird she was and how much she loved blogging,

This photo was taken when we were working on 1 of our earlier blogs, she would love nothing more than hopping on the keys and adding in some messages of her own for the audience to read, although a lot of them weren't exactly in English or readable, she always loved to add her personal touch to pieces to make them really sing,

There was one blog entry back in the day, where I just let her go to town typing whatever her little peets desired and she absolutely loved, you can just imagine how it looked, hmm let Wilz have a try kkkkkkkkkkkkjkjojkkkkkkkkkkkk, something like that but as long as she was having fun that was the main thing,

Sounding off was also another one of her fave things to do with the blog, she was very vocal about what I should and should not include in the blog, in this instance, I think you can tell from the screen in the background I was trying to stop her from typing, but she wasn't having it, this blog is just as much mine as is it yours human was often the response I often got from her,

The Feathered Assistant also like to help out with photography for the blog, back in the day I used to have a small point and shoot camera, and often she would be on the side chewing and pulling the hand strap, hence she was responsible for a lot of photos either coming out blurry or just off the point entirely lol, but she also loved to be in front of the lens posing and modelling lol

If there is one thing the Feathered Assistant had to have it was a chew toy, she adored gnawing on things, and often my things including my clothes would have lots of tiny beak holes in them, I guess you could call it a fashion style, a fashion statement lol,

We would also have lots of fun with fun photo editing apps, we would take her photos just like this one here and put them in fun frames and effects, although I do think the reward in this photo is a bit low since she was invaluable to me, we did think this photo did come out rather cheeky and silly,

Do any of you like to do fun photos with your pets Walkerz? And what are some of your favourite fun photo-editing apps? It would be fun to have everyone share some of your fave photos, memories and mentos too, we can relive some wonderful memories together.

We also loved to do themed photos like this one here, that was her special green Santa envelope, every year she would hang on it on the tree with a sunflower inside asking Santa for lots of fun gifts and festive cheer, in her memory, we have continued to hang her envelop on the tree next to a special bauble with her feathers inside of it, so as not to forget all that she hope and wished for,

This photo was with one of her fave toys of all time, I think that she got for this Christmas one year, it was a plush jingle ball soccer ball, she would love to bite and toss it about, and to pose on top of it too,

She would love nothing more than to put this ball on the floor, to give it a good lorry kick and to chase it everywhere it went, she loved the little toy bell that was inside it, it would always catch her attention and being plush ball she could chew and bite it till her heart's content, better the ball than my fingers lol, it even worked well on the grass, she could safely roll around with it and not get hurt, we loved this toy,

But no matter what the weather or where we got to, almost everything could be turned into a toy or a fun adventure lol, take this umbrella, for example, it had some sturdy metal perches inside perfect for a bird to hang out while the human is walking out in the rain, and if you were lucky you could get a shower of a different kind jokes, but I loved that she made fun and laughs wherever she went,

The Feathered Assistant wasn't fond of this photo but I love it, she hated the way it shows her leg/sock fluff but they were one of my fave feathers on her, they were so soft and fluffy, I always used to tickle them so much, so she would always get cranky at me always trying to touch them, I would always tease her especially after she had a bath that her fluff was hanging low, soggy socks I use to call them,

This was another photo she was not too fond of because of all the new feathers coming through but I thought she looked really stunning in this shot, I loved how they greens really made her colours pop and the orange of her eyes and beak stand out,

She always loved going outside with me and posing in the garden, whether it was in hanging pots, on branches or on the grass, she loved trying out different poses and hearing the click of the camera,

We also loved just observing, the different colours of the plants, the shape of their leaves and what worked best with her feathers,

Which brings us to our next photo, I think that most people who see this series of photos that I took of my Feathered Assistant love them but we did not, her on the part the fence was so uncomfortable to sit on, you can see the wire in her peets, and myself cause I don't think the camera angle was right, and the lines were not crisp enough, the images definitely could have been sharper,

This is the last photo we will share, this is on the lawn after she had been digging up some dirt and grass, I am surprised her beak didn't show more dirt of green from the grass,

I would always place her just in front of me but she would always cling to me closely, she would also like to dig her beak in the dirt and skitch the grass,

I hope you all enjoyed reliving these memories with me, they are truly precious, I would love to hear some precious memories of yours, let's share and discuss

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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