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"It doesn't matter what stage in your studies you may be, putting together a great resume is essential"

Aioli everyone,

We hope you have been well,

Apologies last week we didn't blog, but we took some time out to put together our resume, we are coming so close to graduation now, so what a better time than ever to get our interests in order,

"You never know when an opportunity should arise, so having your resume ready to go is handy"

Putting together a resume is never an easy task, knowing how to market yourself to prospective employers and how to make yourself stand out in your prospective field from other potential employees is a real skill, but after talking to some employers and some good friends in the field, we feel like we have picked up some handy tips along our studies that we can share with you all,

"Let's make a focal point of what your strengths are"

In saying that, we mean pointing out in your resume and cover letter what skills you are strong at and what you think makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, are there any particular skills that you think your prospective employer would benefit from then you should share and really highlight those,

"Don't feel like you just have to stick to a particular format"

What we mean by this is, for example if you are in looking for a job in a creative field, maybe presenting your resume in the form of a video might appeal to an employer than handing in a written piece, showing off your skills in this creative form could give you the edge you need against other potential employees applying for the job,

"Keep it brief and to the point"

While you want to highlight your best features and at the same time show why you think you would be a perfect fit for the job, keep it brief to the point, no employer wants to sift through a mile long cover and resume, as they say time is money so taking up your prospective employer time with waffle and ramblings isn't the best approach, so where possible write using simple plan English,

Keeping these tips in mind, we hope both, you and I can create cover letters and resumes that sing to the hearts of the potential employers of the jobs we are applying for, but also if your not actively applying for jobs, keeping an up to date and appealing resume is something very handy to have in your back pocket, for you never know when an opportunity should arise and you need to give out your details,

For your blogger, writing up and putting together our resume, some of the difficulties we came across was picking skills we really wanted to put a focal point on and presenting ourselves in such a way that we would think would entice a potential employer to pick us for a potential job/opportunity,

In putting together our resume, since one of our strengths is writing so we decided to stick to a written format, but the skills we chose to highlight was our moderation skills since we do moderate for a couple of different channels on different platforms online and our skills related to this blog, so sharing this blog with them, writing and photography,

But the hardest part, we found in putting a cover letter and resume together was marketing ourselves in such a way that we think would appeal best to the employer receiving our information, since we are applying for positions in a creative field we wanted to come across as fresh and imaginative but at the same time strong and confident in our abilities, we endeavored to try and do this by using simple plan English and keeping one thought per sentence, getting straight to the point and hoping the potential employers feel our words,

"The biggest test for us is to learn how well our cover letters and resumes are received, just like writing this blog receiving constructive feedback and comments are most appreciated"

Receiving feedback and learning from putting our work out there is biggest and nerve wrecking part, but learning where we have gone wrong and what we can fix up is absolutely precious information, we can live and learn, try again and know what we can do better next time, receiving constructive and helpful feedback is so precious and it helps us to learn and grow,

For everyone that has given us feedback on our writing, whether it be here on the blog or on our online social media content, we so very appreciative and thankful, you are helping us to learn and grow and become stronger as a writer, it helps us to build our confidence and ability, we are so thankful,

Going forward from here we wish everyone all the very best, whether your actively applying for positions, still in your studies or just actively updating your information, we hope our tips and reflections on our attempt can help, we wish you all the very best and would love to hear how you go,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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