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"It has been a while since we have just sat down and caught up, how have you been?

Aioli everyone,

Apologies we didn't post last week but we were unwell thanks to our sinuses, but we are doing much better now, we hope you have all been doing well,

It has been a bit since we just sat down and reflected on how we are progressing so in this blog entry we will do just that,

"At the moment, we are finishing up our free semester, we didn't have any subjects that was on offer for this current semester"

With this free semester, we have been using the time to catch up on things we have put aside and also indulging in some self care as the next coming semester is going to be a full on course load, so we have been indulging a lot more in books and reading, taking the time to just sit and write and catching up on some tv dramas we have been watching,

"After this semester, it is still shocking to us, that we only have like 3 subjects left till we are finished our degree"

It was hard for us to fathom when we first started this journey in 2018, that we would reach this point in time, after all the anxiety we have attached to study in the past to come this far is such an achievement, we used to have so much anxiety that we had no official qualification to our name and to think we are so close to getting a bachelors degree is crazy, but what we are seeking now is experience, but we have faith that will come in time if we keep at it,

"To help with the experience along the way, we have been indulging in writing articles with businesses, personalities and services"

If you would like to take a read of these please check out the articles page on this blog, as a freelance writer doing this on the side of our studies is really helping us to develop our interview and writing skills, but to learn everyone's stories has been so beautiful too, to everyone who we have written with so far, thank you for taking the time to work with us, we really appreciate it and we hope our articles have really helped to bolster your business,

Looking toward the future, we have a lot of hopes and ambitions that we would like to try and achieve, going forward we would like to try and take our writing further, and hopefully secure a job in the media as we feel that career field is the best fit for us, but most importantly and this is especially after our bouts with anxiety, is just to feel happy and accomplished in what we are doing, atm there is too many times that we feel like we are just passing with what we are doing just to pay the bills and we so want to change that,

"Writing for us has always been a great escape, although in person we are not particularly vocal, writing has always been a means to allows us to share what we are feeling and thinking"

We can't say where in particular where we got our favour for this skill but it has something that has always felt so natural to us, but as we have gotten older we have tried to built upon it but at the same time we have come to realise we aren't the strongest in verbal communication, noting this we are trying to work on this too using the some of the principals we have learned in writing, keep it simple, one thought to a sentence, to make sure the main idea of our communication gets across loud and clear,

"In our studies for our degree, there has been one YouTube video that they have shared with us that has really stuck with us"

It was a TED Talk from Celeste Headlee, entitled 10 ways to have a better conversation, you can check it out on this link (106) Celeste Headlee: 10 ways to have a better conversation | TED - YouTube, we absolutely love her tips and the way she presents them, it has helped us a lot to try and become better conversationalists, what do you think of the video?

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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