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"If you haven't checked out my new years resolutions blog, I talk about doing more free writing exercises, so we can't let January go without trying one for the blog"

Aioli everyone,

How are you all doing?

To read the new years resolution blog please click on this link Personal Blogz - Wilz's New Years Resolutions (,

But as the initial quote shares we wanted to try doing more free writing exercises to help with our writing skills this year, so we thought what better way to keep accountable then try one for the blog,

"So how this is going to work is, we are just going to freely type and really try to minimize the edits we make, keep it as free as possible"

We were initially introduced to this type of exercise during one of the courses for my degree and it really helps you to brainstorm and to just freely write out whatever might be in your mind, there doesn't have to be any real method to your writing, just get it all out on the page and once it is all out of your head, you can than clearly sit back and evaluate what has come out and write a more structure organized piece of writing if you so wish,

Before trying this for my course, I had never tried anything like this, but I am a terrible perfectionist so while writing, especially during my school days, my draft writings would look like absolute havoc, I would be crossing out sections here and there and adding sections in where I could with arrows, it was an absolute mess to follow, but I wish I had learnt something like this back then, it would have helped heaps to get all my thoughts out there and to organize them all,

"If you haven't tried a free writing exercise before, just grab a pen and paper, or even a blank document open on your computer and just write/type"

As a writer, doing a free writing exercise is just so liberating, it is a great way, just like when I take my camera on a walk, it helps to clear my head of all that is bothering me in the moment, just getting it out there and out of my head and out of my thoughts is an incredible feeling, so freeing and soothing,

"Since I was little, writing was my release, when I write, I can be or share anything that I like"

When I was young, I was never good at sports or performing or anything like that, I was a painfully shy child, I liked books and birds and writing was something that just came naturally to me, while I found it hard to speak up back then, just writing out all my feels on a bit of paper was something that I really enjoyed, I loved nothing more than learning new things and new words from books that I would find in my Dad or Grandad's books,

A really big thing that helped me learn languages and get better at English was reading and practicing with my bird, while we weren't best friends to start with, constantly interacting with her, really opened us up to each other and we bonded pretty quickly, she learnt and picked up things pretty fast to the point where she even understood words and commands in some other languages, she was such a great motivator,

As I progressed in schooling, she was always there, wanting to learn more and constantly supporting me, I so miss that little angel, she passed in 2018, but even now I know she is still watching over us and this blog, making sure I keep it going for us, she always super enjoyed blogging, picking topics for blog pieces and putting them together was always such a fun activity for us,

"I think I find it most hard when I know I am writing for a specific person, it turns the pressure on in an instant"

And that is why free writing is so excellent, you don't have to have any specific audience in mind, you can just write out anything and everything till your heart is content, and then when you need to write that piece for that audience/person, you can structure your thoughts and feeling much better, I honestly can't fault the exercise,

I do kind of liken it to the instant rewind cameras back in the day, you never know what you had really captured till it was in front of you in print, these days with digital cameras you can modify settings so much, but with the old rewind cameras there was no erasing that, unless you destroyed the film completely, those old style cameras captured everything, as they would say along the lines of the movie the lion king, whatever the light touches is our kingdom, whatever the light touches would be on that film,

"Just like the light, free writing exposes that light in your mind, it clears the clouds and leaves you with those beautiful blue skies"

Clear and bright, freeing and releasing, free writing is so much fun, you guys should really try it for yourselves, if not for study but to also strengthen your own writing and communication skills, even if it is just for some fun, but the more you practice it the more rewarding it is, you really haven't got anything to loose,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out,

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