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"Do you ever worry about the future, and how your life might turn out?"

Aioli everyone,

As we are entering the last few subjects of our communications degree, a thought we have been having a lot lately is what's next, what direction do we want to go and what specific career would we like to pursue, we are still not clear what we want to do,

"Going into the degree our aspiration was to pursue a career in the Public Relations (PR) field but since studying the course our eyes have been opened to a wider range of options"

Being towards the end of the course now, we are still in interested in PR, but there are now a lot of other options on our plate that look just as or even more delicious, while getting a career in PR would a dream come true, we are thinking should we consider some of our options,

One option we have considered is content creation, growing up and even now we have loved exploring and creating different types of content, in particular with our camera and film, lately we have been getting into recording little videos too, it is something we have always found really fun to do, we like to think by the cliché if you do what you love you won't work a day in your life, but what we do worry about is if we loose enthusiasm and our imagination/creativity, but sometimes you just have to take that chance right,

Our second option is freelance writing and journalism, while we have had some little experience in getting some published work out there, our worry here is that even though we get to share the stories of people we get to meet along the way, it isn't a consistent form of employment, meaning the pay isn't consistent, but as I study this has been my most dominant option, I love and feel honored to be in a position to be able to share the stories of friends I have met along the way, it is a career that you have been very diligent at and very good for pitching,

The third option we are considering is brand management and PR, we have always enjoyed endorsing brands that we are passionate about and helping to get them more coverage in the media and sharing their stories with more audiences out there, the only downside for us with this option is we feel like we are more written based and we lack in the graphic and web skills side of things, while we would love to learn more in that respect there, but from experience we struggle to pick up these skills and it would be something we would really have to work at,

From looking at the blog, which option do you think we would be best suit to? and what skills do you think we should worker harder at? we always really appreciate your feedback, it helps us a lot to learn and grow,

We are also curious when you contemplate the future too, what options are you looking at? We are sorry sorry we ask a lot of questions but our main aim with the blog is to inspire, to encourage and create conversation, just by talking and chatting with each other we can create such beautiful friendships,

"But do know, no matter which option we go for in the end, do know we will give it our all and try our very best, it is all about growth and in the end you can't do anymore than that right"
"We are also super thankful to our University that we attend online, much love and appreciation to all the staff and teachers at the University of South Australia, for without your influence we would have never gotten this far, thank you just doesn't feel like enough"

A bit of back story for those who haven't followed or are new to the blog, when we first started studying with the university we were not in a good place, we had a lot of anxiety related to study thanks to some previous studies that hadn't gone too well, and taking on a bachelors degree was a big commitment but thanks to all the staff and teachers at the university, we have preserved and have almost accomplished our degree, although not with the best marks, we are making our way through and we are proud of what have accomplished,

"For anyone that finds themselves in a similar situation, what really helped us a lot was to make a list of all the skills that we enjoyed and tried to match them to possible careers that we could possibly pursue, then we found courses that could help us to get there"

That is how we came across the University of South Australia online communications degree, while we had completed online study in the past, communication was a skills that we both enjoyed in terms of writing, but struggled with in terms of spoken, but it was something that we felt we were passionate about and wanted to share, often we tell others when they ask why we study communications, how many times do you hear the cliché predicament, it wasn't communicated or communication break down, we so wanted to change that,

"Like the saying tells us, be the change you want to see in the world, go after what makes you happy and you can achieve anything your heart so desires"
"If you want it bad enough, you have so got this, you can do it, you can achieve it"

It is on these words that we will part with this blog but know that you can achieve anything your heart so desires and no matter what happen in the futures, let us all be there for each other and support each others dreams and aspirations,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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