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Updated: Jul 6

"With our subjects opening a bit early before the official start of semester, it was time to get a head start"

Aioli everyone,

For those who are new to the blog, we are online communications students, but with 3 subjects left in our degree and study materials being made available early, we wanted to take as much advantage as we could, we want to try our best and stay on top of our commitments,

A bit more history, the subjects we are doing this semester are subjects we have tried before but have failed, when we did them initially, we were struggling greatly with our anxiety, but this time around our anxiety is in check we are ready to tackle them head-on, we aren't going to freaking out, and giving ourselves the luxury of time to take activities slowly so we can truly grasp them and complete them satisfactorily,

When we first did the subjects, thanks to our anxiety, we can remember looking at the screen and all the materials but just couldn't focus as we were just not mentally there, we could do readings how many times over but it just didn't feel like we were comprehending it or it was sinking in at all, it was to the point we were just getting so frustrated at ourselves and stressing out and that was not helping the anxiety at all, it was just a vicious cycle,

At this point in our studies, we did consider the option of quitting and just giving it all up, trying to remove all the stressors from our lives, our family did raise the idea with us in discussions, but we felt like we had come too far, plus we felt like this course was an essential stepping stone in achieving our dreams, we just couldn't fathom it, nope we were going to stick this through, we told ourselves we can and we will do this,

"We believe if you want something bad enough and are willing to put in the hard work, nothing can stop you, even anxiety, you can achieve the world and so much beyond"

Something we never expected was all the excellent help and consideration we got from sharing our struggles with our university, we study with the University of South Australia online and they were nothing short of amazing, offering us a wide range of services, not just to help with our studies but to take care of us mentally too, we highly suggest if you are struggling and you are studying, then please don't hesitate to get in touch with your study institution, they are there to assist and to help you succeed, don't suffer in silence, speak up, you never know just how much they can help and assist,

"One thing that got us through that time was being kind to ourselves, that if we felt like it was too much to take a break just to recoup and just to breathe, to remind ourselves we weren't in any immediate harm and that the moment would pass"

At that time, reminding ourselves that the moment would pass and just to breathe felt like such a lifesaver, but taking it steady with the studies helped a lot too, reading them out aloud would help us to focus and it became a great source of distraction aways from the anxiety, it helped give us focus again, and served to remind us that even though we had passed a hurdle in the road, we could get back on track and still achieve our dreams, that this would give us some character jokes,

It was from here, that we tried to change some things going forward, we would try to allocate our time much better, giving ourselves the best chance to comprehend the concepts in our classes, and time to work on assessments, but and probably most important is to give ourselves time to indulge in self-care, taking the time to do something that we enjoy, to have that release is incredible,

"Given this, to have early access to course materials before the official start of semester, this time around is so precious, we feel like we can reaqquaint and regrasp the concepts and ideas of the courses"

We are also loving the fact that our courses have a checklist at the start of the week so that we can easily see what we are to accomplish for that week and the concepts that we need to grasp, it makes it so much easier to plan out our time and activities, kudos to the university for that great tool, it is most appreciated, while the courses have changed somewhat since we did them before, we will want to do them justice and are using the extra time to our advantage and trying to give ourselves the best advantage to work on assessments so we can pass the courses,

If we can pass these 2 courses we have at the moment, then we will only have one left for the whole degree and that fact really blows our mind, looking back and seeing how far we have come, especially with the anxiety, and the fact that we didn't give up when the going got tough, we are almost home, the end is in sight, sorry sorry to toot our own horn but we are so proud of ourselves, we could have never thought we would get this far looking back at our past self, but we are almost there, good on you Wilz,

If you are nearing the end of your studies too, or even studying just in general we always wish you the very best, it takes a lot of patience and dedication to study after how many years of formal schooling and we wish you all the best on the path to your dreams, we know you can achieve your dreams and want for you all to be happy and healthy, you have so got this,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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