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Personal Blogz - Wilz needs a catch up

"Sincere apologies, Wilz has been slack on the content as of late, Wilz needs to catch up!"

Aioli everyone,

We hope you have all been well,

We apologizes for the slacking on content, but Wilz needs to sit down and take some time to catch up, Wilz needs to get organized so she can be more consistent in posting,

Quite recently, we have been terrible with planning and with time management, but to combat this we have been getting into the habit of being more in tune with our planner and taking the time to plan out when and how we will post and following up on content and people,

"Our planner has become our new best friend, it is helping us to get back on track to organize our time more better"

We have also gotten into watching more planning and organizational content videos on YouTube, all the tips and tricks people share in showing how they organize their time has been so super helpful, we love how we can help each other out by sharing content such as videos and blogs,

"Our blog has been helping us to keep accountable this year, in the past we have blogged but this year we wanted to be more consistent and build on our reach"

Recently, we feel like we have not only disappointed you all, the readers but we have let ourselves down when it has come to this, we haven't been consistent in posting on all our social media platforms and as a result our brand and messaging is fading and getting lost in the distance, but let's get back on track, let's sit down and catch up,

"The plan for Wilz and the blog is to create a posting schedule, as a good friend has told us, create a schedule so people know when to expect content from you"

So how about we try this, Facebook posts can happen on Tuesdays, Instagram on Thursdays and we will leave Twitter for anytime since we use it as a platform to express our feelings as we feel them, we will give this a try and see how we go, we want to try to be in touch with you all as much as we can,

"We hope by posting more on our platforms in a consistent way, we can create a more solid relationship with you all"

To us, you are all friends we have not met and we would love to get to know you all better, we want to give ourselves the best chance to connect with you all, so we hope by putting in this new posting schedule we can do this,

We think in the next blog we should follow up on this and give a commentary of how we are going, providing feedback for you all, but we are curious too, have any of you felt like this and feel like your not achieving your goals' cause you feel like your slacking? Please share with us your feelings and let's help each other out,

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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