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Personal Blogz - Where have you been Wilz? and where are you going?

Updated: May 29, 2021

"It has been a good few months since we have blogged, so poses the question, where have been Wilz?"

Aioli Walkers,

We are back! How have you all been?

It has been a good while since we have blogged hasn't it, but we are ready to get back on the bandwagon and blog again, have you missed us?

We have missed you all, and a sure lot has happened in the time we have been away, we went through a developing cyclone, went through numerous power outages, floods and now in comes winter, but it simply warms our hearts to back on here and sharing content with you all again,

Our come back to the blog band waggon comes in combination with the fun university subject we are doing atm which is learning how to write for digital and online storytelling, so learning how to write for platforms such as blogging and promotion on social media, in accordance with assignments for the course we have had to create a fresh new blog site and some associated social media accounts, the fresh new blog we have created is called AustralianCreativeKoreanKkum, and you can visit the blog and find links to the social media accounts on this link Home | ACKK Blog (,

Our idea behind the new side-blog was to try and create a supportive community for those wanting to work in the K-pop industry, if your new here or haven't picked up already, we are big K-pop fans here, it is rare to find a day where we aren't listening to music in some capacity or enjoying some K-pop related content, it is one of our biggest passions, so we thought it would be a perfect fit for us to blog about for the subject, combing our two loves, writing and K-pop,

So far we have been really enjoying the subject, it is very immersive and teaching us a lot about how we can better write for blogs and how we can promote our content more and more consistently over numerous platforms, our teacher for the subject Katrina McLachlan has been really helpful and insightful, she is a journalist of over 2 decades and one half the website Maintenance Page - Stories Well Told, we feel so lucky to be learning from her and all the teaching staff for the subject, we are so thankful and grateful for her,

"So going forward, our hopes with this blog is that we can keep creating and coming out with fresh new content as per the blog schedule, which is for those who don't know is Tuesdays and Saturdays and we want to continue to build promotions through our social media channels Facebook, Twitter and Instagram"

So this is like a fresh restart for us, what do you think Walkerz? Will you join us along for the ride, we would love for you all to join us,

Please check out links to all of our socials on their respective pages and please be sure to drop us a message to say hi, we would love to chat,

That is Wilz for now, take care Walkerz and travel safely, let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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