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Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

This is our first time celebrating Christmas with this blog, and before we go any further, Merry Christmas Walkerz and we hope you are all having a happy and safe fun festive season so far,

So we had the thought like Youtubers do Vlogmas on their channels why don't we try doing Blogmas, we can countdown to the big day together, and with each blog post we can do something a little different to celebrate,

So start off our very first Blogmas, we thought we would start with a recap of our first week into Decemeber, we will go through and reflect on each day of the first week, and we can capture all the memories and share them with you all, so let's go!

We started off by saying Aoili to December by literally destroying the house, well not actually destroying but making it look like a war zone while clean things down like the ceilings and the walls, we are expecting to celebrate with extended family this year so I guess you can say we caught the spring cleaning bug a bit late, but we are taking the whole 25 days to get everything clean and prepared for Christmas festivities that are to come at the end of the month, my mother has also started on the cooking process, so rum balls are slowly being made in batches, and our house is slowly becoming a festive hub with festive decorations going up and our Christmas menu is in the process of being organised,

The 2nd days of December saw my first appointment for the season, I went to see my psychologist and we continued on the treatment that we had started to do, after my appointment I picked up some little odd bits and pieces at the grocery store, at woolies as us Ausssie's would say and then we headed home, it was a pretty warm day so it was good to get home and to let the house air out, summer has defiently been warm with days averaging out to 30 to 35 degrees during the day,

December 3 saw my first work shift of the season, and I can't believe that I completely forgot to wear one of my festive hairties :( Since I haven't been working in the kitchen and I have been cleaning I am allowed to wear some festive hairpieces in my hair, nothing to extravagent just like coloured and little decorated hairties, and I forgot :( but after my shift it was back home for more destruction, I completed a bit more of the ceiling in the hallway and it was onto the scariest room of the house the bathroom, but after a few good hours of scrubbing away, it is all clean, well clean as I can get it, I was exhausted, but so glad it was all done,

And them came in December 4, it was the first day in Decemeber I got to stay home and do more solid cleaning, oh joy lol, as I mentioned before we are going to take the whole run up to Christmas to organise the house and yard, so each day we have each been focusing one small little bit of the house and getting it cleaned and organised, it was also the day my mother and sister started putting up some of the Christmas decorations and lights in the yard,

And then entered the first weekend of December, hello Decemeber 5, usually I would work Saturdays but not this time, this was the day a majority of the decorations and lights outside the house were finalised, and more of the gardening was starting to take place, and in the late afternoon going into the evening the Christmas tree finally made it's appearence in the house, and wallowing down to dinner time we each took a bag of ornaments that we have amassed over the years, and completed decorating the tree,

Now saying howdy to December 6, second shift of the festive season in the morning and this time I did not forget the festivitie hairties, I decided to go with the red stars, I feel like this shift I got to experience the best and worst of customers, but I am thankful the good outweighs the bad, after my shift we did a little bit of errand running and then it was hometime, did some more cleaning and added the tree skirt to the tree and then it was all complete,

And so was the first week of my Decemeber, and typing that remind me of a good old Linkin Park song of the same name, if you haven't heard of it you should check it out, so how did you first week of December go Walkerz? Let's share and discuss,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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