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Personal Blogz - Wilz welcomes August

"Where has this year gone? Hello August, let's start with a free write, who is with me?

Aioli everyone,

We hope you have all been well,

Last month we started out with a free writing exercise, so we thought why not again, we find it is a great way to get our thoughts out there and to catch up with you all, what do you think?

July is always a super busy month for us, it is your blogger's birthday month, and this semester we have taken on a full-time study load with 2 subjects along with part-time work, our schedule is always pretty packed, we didn't do a lot of birthday celebrations, we went out for a simple dinner of Korean fried chicken and drinks with family but other than that we really didn't have time for much else,

"But with July now at a close and we are now a few days into August, we have tried our best to use the new month as a fresh start, a fresh reset"

We are over halfway through our current study semester so we have tried our best to inspire ourselves to reevaluate where we are currently at and what we would like to achieve going forward, we are trying to take more time on our assessments, so working to get a solid draft piece down and then allowing ourselves lots of time to be able to sit down and review and edit them, we want to try going forward to give them our all, we just hope its enough to get us though,

August is also a month of memorial for us, it would have been our Dad's birthday, we still celebrate as a family and it gives us a chance to remember all the times that we shared and to show him what we have achieved and how much we have grown, we always knew he was proud of us, and along with the Feathered Assistant we know they are proud and always watching over us,

"Your lead blogger created this blog with the inspiration of the Feathered Assistant, and she will always play a big part of the site"

If you are new to the blog and new to walkwithwilz as a brand, the Feathered Assistant was the human's pet rainbow lorikeet, she enjoyed creating content just as much we explored different ways of going about it, she passed in 2018 but her memory still holds really strong, she is always loved and so adored, and going forward, I (the human) will carry on her passion and flair for exploration,

She always adored it and had so much fun when her human would experiment with a camera and when I was learning new skills, we would learn together, in her later years she enjoy learning bits of other languages with flash cards and could even recognise some written characters, sometimes she would even pick it up faster than the human, she was such a clever bird, I miss her so much,

"Going forward, we will take their passion with us, it will help to make us stronger, but we can only keep trying and progressing"

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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