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Personal Blogz: Wilz wishes for a Happy Mothers Day

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you all? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

Personally I think we should do this all year round but tomorrow marks the one official day a year that we say thank you mom, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms right around the globe,

I think out of all the people that I know, besides my sister my mom is the person that knows me the best, she knows all of my traits and weaknesses and not like many others that I know, she can read me like a book, page for page, sentence for sentence, right down to the letter, I could never lie to her even if I tried, she would know in a instance, she could read it from me straight in the get go lol,

I know a lot of my mom's friends/acquaintances say if I ever got a significant other I would hide it from my mom, but I so could not do that to her, it would mean the absolute world to me to have her approval and for them to get along, seeing as my father is no longer physically around my mom's approval would have to suffice for both of them and for her to approve would be truly precious for me,

I am never ruling love out of the picture, but just like I have learned from my mom is to be considerate of others around me, you never know who you may encounter is this world and just how much of an impact they will have on your life, don't judge books by their cover and get to know their stories, for stories will enrich your life and you will never learn anything without trying, so don't be too hasty to make judgements,

But for one thing we can be sure is that your mom, whether you get along with her or not gave up a lot to bring you into this world, from 1 moment of mere pleasure to 9 months of pain and terror, she gave up a lot to give you life and an existence, it is the least we can do for one day of the year but to give thanks and ceremony for all that she went through, thank you mom,

Can I ask when it comes to your mom what are you most thankful for Walkerz?

Even though my parents and I don't have much, we have each other and that is really enough for me, it is one thing to learn to save your money and all the pleasures money can buy but it is another to see beyond that and to treasure the things money can't buy you, I like to think since my father was not very vocal but this is one of the most precious things he wanted to teach my sister and I the most, he didn't have to say it with words but it really showed through in his actions and my mother supported that, so even though we didn't grow up with much we treasured each other and what he have, any extra on top of that was truly a bonus,

I am curious to know your views on your parents Walkerz? What do you think is the most important things they have taught you and thinking back in reflection can you understand while you were younger why they did what they did?

While they always say not to look back, I like to think a bit of self reflection from time to time helps us to learn and grow, looking back on certain situations you can reflect and think how could of I handle a situation differently and how could you have handled in a way that would be most beneficial to all, do you think like this to Walkerz?

While it is not my aim to always please everyone around me, I will do what is best for me and the ones I love, if my mom has taught me anything it is to take care of those who have your back and to trust in those who you feel have your best interests at heart, they are the people you want to surround yourself with, plus with the people who make you smile and laugh, I like to think if you keep this at heart you will never be alone,

This is certainly not the piece I thought I would write for mother's day but it does reflect for all the lessons my mom has taught me and that I hold dear, I literally just set myself up with my laptop and typed away, what do you think of this blog piece?

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey we called life, peace out

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