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Personal Blogz- Wilz writes a letter to friends

"This morning we were writing a letter for a friend, so we thought why not write a letter to you all too"

Aioli everyone,

We hope you have all been well,

As the weather cools down here for winter, a warming thought for us, is all our friends that we have made along the way, so we thought let's write you all a letter and let you all know how we feel,

"Before we start, there are some important things we want you all to know, for each and every person that is reading this blog right now, thank you, we love and appreciate all of your support,

We honestly can't thank you all for the love and support of this blog, from reading the blog, reading the articles on the articles page, to sharing our content online, each little bit helps and really helps to inspire and encourage us to keep carrying this site on,

Early on in our online communications degree journey, it was suggested that we get into the habit of keeping a blog and now how many years down the track, we are still at it, and it is mainly thanks to your support that this can happen, you are both power and pandora's box, you give us such a strong resolve while at the same time hearing all your stories and what you have endured too, gives us strength and spirit,

"We are so thankful we have kept it up, and thanks to you all, we can see just how far we have come and grown"

When we started our our degree we weren't on the best firm footing in terms of our mental health, but with your support and encouragement look how far we have come, we have grown a lot stronger, become much better communicators and we are much stronger on the mental health front too, being more expressive in our writing and sharing it with the world via the blog has been such a great outlet,

In light of our journey, if you too feel a bit lost on your journey, all we can do is suggest you try to find an outlet too what works for you, we encourage you to take a few moments to just sit down and evaluate what you like to do and what you could you possibly turn into a lifelong career, for us, we have always enjoyed writing and photography so sharing a blog and sharing the stories of others has always been tops, so a career in public relations and copywriting fits us best,

"The opportunities are endless when you think about it, you are the author of your own story and you can take the pages and chapters anywhere you would like"

If something doesn't work out, you can always change it, it is entirely up to you, but please know we are always here for you, to support you and we will pass no judgement on your choices, we only want the best for you,

"At the end of the day, lets be kind and let's be here to support one another, let's give each other hope, love and prosperity, let's make the world a better place"

That is Wilz for now, take care, travel safely and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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