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Reviewz blog - Wilz has the Twitch Itch

Aioli Walkerz,

How are you all doing?

In this blog, we wanted to share with you all a social platform we have been on a lot recently and that is Twitch,

If you are new to Twitch, it was originally a platform that gamers would use to chat while gaming but now it has branched out to encompass more types of streams and streamers,

We originally stumbled across the platform late last year as a couple of our friends started their streams on the platform, and they have introduced us to more friends and now we are watching streams on the platform more than we watch actual tv,

So we originally started on the platform watching and supporting good friends Natalie Tran and MerleandMumther

And from there, Nat has introduced me to her friends, Jarod RiceMonsta360 Hyejin iamWillX Malibu909

And MerleMumther has introduced me to streamers, Cooking With Conures ClemTheSnake Annalise Draws PikminExplorer89 and LadySnaccident,

If you click on the links you can visit their channels and if you are a member of Twitch you can follow and subscribe to their channels, while on their channels you can also gift donations, gift more subs, cheer and gift them bits, each bit which goes to the channel owner and helps them to benefit and strengthen their streams,

It has been beautiful to be able to be a part of watching streamers such as Nat and MerleandMumther go from mere amateur streamers to gaining affiliate positions with Twitch, building on their follower and subscribe bases and going strength to strength,

Just watching them do what they love and having fun while they stream, is so uplifting for us, seeing them smile and hearing their laughter is so precious, we think there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the ones you love happy and enjoying what they are doing, you can't put a price on it and it truly warms our heart,

But it is not only average people streaming, but there are also some celebrities that have taken to Twitch to connect with their fans and to indulge in some gaming too, some of our favourite celebrity streamers that we are following are Baenji Amber Shannon Williams JRE Gaming and Megan Lee

Are you on Twitch Walkerz? If so, we should totally connect and follow each other, and if you are new to Twitch what do you think of the platform?

We think it is a really fun way to interact with friends in real-time and to create connections all over the world, the only real downside being the time differences but once you get the hang of it and join in on your favourite streamers streams you can defiantly lose track of time being with such a great company, and create lots of new friends,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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