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Reviewz Blogz - Wilz rides a tank, let's visit Day 2 of #AusArmourFest 2021

"Often when one thinks of a military museum and tanks, they think of destruction and death, but it is a celebration of ingenuity and the protection of freedom and rights"

Aioli Walkers,

Posting a day late but Wilz wanted to share with you all her experience attending day 2 of #AusArmourFest 2021 at The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum,

This was our first time attending the festival, but we have been to the museum previously,

On our first visit to the museum, we were left with such great memories, the museum has really thought and catered for everything, from the outside of the museum you can't miss it from the road, just look for the giant tanks, on the entry they have a helpful information desk with a great souvenir store, which then leads to an entertaining children's area with lots of games for the kids, and then it's onto the main attractions of the museum the tanks and the military artifacts,

But for our second visit to the museum, it was such an excellent afternoon, we prebooked tickets online which was a super easy process, everything on the website was super easy to navigate and locate, and arriving at the venue, the staff were so genuinely beautiful and happy to greet each and every customer, it was such an absolute pleasure to visit,

As you can see in the photos all the exhibits were so beautifully restored and the information boards had so much information and amazing tales on them, I could get lost in the information for hours on end, respect and credit go to all the in house restoration team and all the assistance they have had to put on all these displays, the work they have put into them is simply amazing and incredible, hats off to them,

But along with the restoration crew, all the staff and the volunteers of the museum banded together so well to put on such a great show for the #AusArmourFest, never once did I feel like I couldn't ask the staff for assistance and they were so patient and kind, much appreciation has to go out to them all, they did such a fine job and they should all be so proud of themselves, a round of applause to them all,

"Gratitude and appreciation to all the Museum staff, restoration, general staff and volunteers, you guys did simply amazing"

But for day 2 of the event, along with the museum displays, probably the biggest highlight for most people was the active tank display, for each day of the 3-day festival customers could purchase tank rides in some of the active tanks that the museum had, each day the museum had different tanks customers could ride in, and for the second day of the event, I took a fun ride in the tank called Tiny Teddy,

Tiny Teddy is a Vietnam veteran, and is an M113 fire support tank, he was one of the smaller tanks on the run that day, but still had a lot of grunt and appeal,

With his smaller tread tire area, Teddy could really pick up some speed and on the track was an ace when it came to flying through the mud, he was an absolute ace,

My only criticism for the day would be that when waiting for the rides, the waiting areas for each tier could be more defined, I did end up waiting for a bit in the wrong section but when I did get on the tank the staff member manning the area was so helpful and the driver of the tank did amazing, the whole ride was an absolutely amazing experience,

Hopefully next year with some more preparation we can hopefully attend more of the festival, it was such a great day out, we know when most people think of military museums they typically think of wars, depression and even death, but visiting museums like these are a good reminder of ingenuity, freedom and protection,

Looking at all the tanks in the museum, the ingenuity of how people came up with these machines is purely amazing, and how they put each part of the tanks together, I mean some of the pieces are truly so solid and so heavy just astounds me, but also the reason these machines came to be is uplifting, the museum is not all about doom and gloom, the protection and preservation of human rights is to be cherished,

That is Wilz for now, take care Walkerz, and travel safely, let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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