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Reviewz - For one more Day, Morning part 2

Aioli Walkerz,

How are we all?

Welcome to section 3 of the book For one more Day, so far this book has been a good eye-opener, it is a great reflection on life decisions as we know them, what do you think of the book so far?

To recap on first couple sections of the book, please check out our review on part 1, and part 2,

We start off section 3 of the book with our main character returning to his childhood home, the sun was rising and he is recalling fond memories from growing up in the area, he locates the house and the spare key the family stashed just outside the front door, he enters the house and walks into the kitchen, he opens the fridge but to his surprise, there is food inside, he then checks the cupboards, there is food there also, then he hears a voice, it is his mother, in disbelief he runs out of the house,

In the next short section he recalls a moment he didn't stand up for his mother, he was 6 and it was his first Halloween school parade, so his mother wanted to make it special by making him an outfit, but in the midst of the parade and the weather the costume breaks apart leaving him looking like an utter disaster, he was so embarrassed,

Then the main character then brings us back to the present at the house, he is sure he heard his mom and now he is seeing her, he can describe her outfit even down to the colour of her glasses, he doesn't know if this is real or not or just a side effect of the fall, we are yet to see,

We are then presented another Times My Mother Stood Up for Me piece, the main character informs us he was asked a question for his homework which he had to recite the answer in front of the class, his father was not very forthcoming in helping him find an answer, so his mother stepped him to help me to his father's dismay but in the end, she helped formulate an answer and his homework was solved,

The next piece of the book is called The Melody Changes, in this section of the book he explains about a song his mother really liked, a song that she would always dance to as she did the dishes although his father would not take much notice of, it became her a part of her nightly ritual but after his father left the home the song became no more, she never played it ever again, the record sat on the shelf and gathered dust,

How are you finding the story so far Walkerz? What do you think of the book, we would love to read your thoughts, let's share and discuss

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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