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Reviewz - For one more Day, Morning pt 3

Aioli Walkerz,

How are we all?

We are going to continue on with Morning, lets read a bit more and find out what happens next to our main character, so far the story has been really reflective, getting us to look at our life choices and where we want to go with our lives,

Our next section is called The Encounter Inside the Kitchen, our main character reflects on an event in his childhood where he and his sister used kitchen steak knives to carve their names into the kitchen table, they didn't get all the way through before their mom arrived home and caught them in the act, being back in the kitchen he sees the carvings and reflects, he is still seeing his mother, she sees his injuries and being the nurse that she was she starts to dab at them to clean them up, not knowing if what he is seeing is real he attempts to talk to talk to her, Mum he whispers like child, he has missed this, she replies back to him, the trouble you get into,

Our main character then reflects on another time his mother stood up for him, he was 9 and at the local library, he wanted to take out a certain book but the librarian thought the book would be too hard for him to read and wouldn't let him loan out the book, he told his mother and she stormed back in the library and gave the librarian a serve of her 2 cents, she said don't ever tell a child something is too hard, especially this child, she was livid,

He then reflects back on a time he didn't stand up for mother, it was a family dinner, his mother tried to cook a certain type of cuisine but his father said it wasn't quite right, as usual they got into a bit of an argument and to prove who was right and who was wrong they got our main character to take a mouthful to judge, as he had a mouthful of the meal he sided with his father, something was a bit off, so to prove his point his father said to his mother even the kid knows something is off,

In the next little section of the book he is back in the kitchen with his mother, she is cooking him a full on breakfast, toast is on the table with fresh brewed coffee, she is scrambling eggs and cooking some bacon, she is asking him do you have time to spend a full day with his mom, know he is talking to a dead person he questions what he should say, he finally settles on this is impossible, eat she replies,

In the next section of the book, he reflects how his parents told him and his sister their parents were breaking up and he would no longer be living with them anymore, he recalls his mother was cooking them a meal and she said to them bluntly his father wasn't going to live there anymore, his sister was clearly upset but now being the only male in the house he felt like he had to man up quickly to take care of them, as his father would say to him buck up, buck up,

As a child he recalls a wedding they went to as a family, he recalls how his parents danced at the wedding, his father in a tux and his mother in a beautiful red dress, he thought of course all parents/couples fight, that they would work it out, but then one day when they came home from school and his fathers things were gone it became clear, it would be just the three of them now,

How are you all finding the story so far Walkerz?

I am really enjoying reading the book, it has really made me reflect on the choices I have made in my life and how they have helped to shape me into the person I am today, and I am keen to see where my choices will take me into the future,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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