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Reviewz: Wilz and the Tube, some channels I have been surfing

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

Like most people, I think am so guilty of getting on YouTube and absolutely browsing away the hours, but let me share with you some channels I have been surfing lately, be prepaid for a wild mix,

One of my all time fave channels and favourite human beings would have be Chelsea from @FrenchybyChelseaElizabeth, if you watch her videos and have had the pleasure of joining in on one of her instagram lives I think you would totally agree with me why, she truly a sweetheart and genuinely cares for those around her, she is totally worth your subscribe and please help us get her over 1000 subscribers because I am going to sound like a totally lame hair care commercial right here but she is so worth it, I can't thank her enough and I am so indebted to her, thank you Chelsea

I think all those who know me from a Hallyu perspective would know I could go through this blog would mentioning my ultimate bias's YouTube channel, Super Junior's Ryeowook's channel 려욱이의 아지트 which roughly translates to Ryeowook's AGIT, I love watching his vlogs and seeing that he is taking care of himself and eating and interacting with the other members of Super Junior, and it doesn't matter how many times I listen to him sing he always seems to take my breath away, you always have my full love and support Ryeowook

His bandmate and his brother as I like to call him also gets my full love and support and that is Super Junior's Kyuhyun, like Ryeowook Kyuhyun's voice is simply incredible and so divine, I guess that is why the pair of them have done a numerous of musicals and with other Super Junior bandmate Yesung created one of my all time fave Super Junior subunits Super Junior KRY, please show his channel lots of love

One of my favourite feathered YouTube channels would so have to be Merle the Talking 'Tiel, located in Sydney, his family are just so beautiful and I thank his Mumther so much for always providing us such fun and gorgeous content, Merle and his brothers Barry and Taako have such beautiful, kind and considerate humans and Mumther's Gudetama collection is spectacular, make sure to head over and ask Merle Whatcha ya doing?

Another feathered family we adore is Alex and Dominic from Alex The Honking Bird, located in Brisbane this father and son bird duo always brighten my day with lots of honkin and screm song, they too also have a gorgeous Mumther who provides us the Honk squad with lots of lovely and inspiring content, many thanks Mumther, be sure to share a honk with us all at their beautiful channel

And from little birds to big colourful birds, a macaw channel I always like to surf is Mikey The Macaw & Friends, meet Mikey, his sister macaw Mia and their beautiful human parronts as they take us all along on their free flying adventures and parties with other bird owners, they also have lots of handy tips for bird care and nutrition, be sure to take a fly and a giggle at their channel

One of my fave lifestyle and beauty vloggers on the tube would have to be Allisa Rose, she vlogs her daily travels in New York and she is also a beautiful and talented singer, together with her producer boyfriend Zane/Ryos they create such beautiful upbeat tracks, pop over and say hi at her channel

From singing to cheer, a channel that I have recently just started suffering is Top Gun 00 cheerleader Gabi Fuller, from her daily student life to her life at the gym, wherever Gabi goes, so does her camera, go with her to cheer competitions to also chilling with her at home, be sure to drop by and say hi

I also like to surf ,Gabi Fuller's team mate on the Top Gun 00 team Sophia Borges channel, like Gabi she takes her camera to practice and cheer events, but you also get to go behind the scenes and she also do fun challenge videos, with both her and Gabi you get to see team top gun 00 from lots of different perspectives, help to cheer on team top gun by watching Sophia's channel too

I stumbled across this next channel by chance but she does have some great content, I know this channel won't be for everyone but welcome to the stripper vlogs of stripper Cristina Villegas, it is not all lingerie and dancing, Cristina does take her audience behind the scenes and of the industry, she keeps it real and explains what you can really expect in and out of the club, check her channel out at your own risk

What are some channels that you like to surf on the tube Walkerz? Are their any channels that your family and friends might not of expected you to watch, let's share and chat

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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