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Reviewz - Wilz celebrates #2YearsWithATEEZ

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

Yesterday marked #2YearsWithATEEZ, so we wanted to take this chance to look back over the last 2 years, how have we grown and how have we changed,

But we also want to take the chance to thank each member of ATEEZ too, we were lucky enough to see them in their only Sydney concert so far, but they have come so far in the last 2 years, they have taken their original skills and built them up so much so they have taken on the world, and we are so proud of them, to Kim Hong Joong, Park Seong Hwa, Jeong Yun Ho, Kang Yeo-Sang, Choi San, Song Min-Gi, Jung Woo-Young, Choi Jung Ho, as an ATINY (fan of ATEEZ), we are so proud and appreciative of you all, you are our treasure, our light and we love you, no matter what comes our way let's keep sailing the seas together and always show our best at ports of call, as you say we are going to win :)

Let's all take this moment, to reflect and share our thoughts for each member, you have all grown so much in 2 years, but this is only the beginning, may you all be around for many years to come,

To ATEEZ leader Kim Hong Joong, to a leader who was riddled with fears for his members and is always looking over them like the caring big brother that you are, you have shown us nothing but strength and admiration in the last 2 years, and we know you will continue to show us that for your brothers and ATINY alike, but we would like for you to know, we thank you for taking the time to make eye contact with us your fans, but please know you always have a lot of brothers and fans who can you can share your fears with now and we are here to love, care and support you, we love Hong Joong, hwaiting!

To ATEEZ, second in command Park Seong Hwa, when we the audience first met you were timid and shy and didn't feel like you had much to offer compared to your other members, but my how you have grown and blossomed, you are so kind and caring for your brothers, and can we just take a moment to admire those sexy moments and those abs in the music videos and music show performance stages, you ooze confidence and appeal, please be free and always be your true self, for that is why we love you, to Park Seong Hwa, hwaiting!

To ATEEZ, newsreader and mc with the most Jeong Yun-ho, over the last 2 years, from humble beginnings with the group on reality tv to where you have progressed to now, we love and adore that you haven't lost that mischievous smile, 4D personality and the enthusiasm to give everything a go to 100% and more, from cooking the group breakfast to trying to sing your ATEEZ tracks in an opera style, you never cease to make us smile and love, ATINY loves you, to Jeong Yun-ho, hwaiting!

To ATEEZ, can I be your boyfriend cheese Kang Yeo-sang, I can gladly hear a lot of happy ATINY saying yes you can be our boyfriend, from that cheesy video all the way back 2 years ago to the style and confidence you ooze now, your strength in your visuals truly grows every day, you could so model a potato sack and make it look sexy, ATINY and your brothers are so very proud of you, we love you Kang Yeo-sang, hwaiting!

To ATEEZ, as strong as a mountain sting like a bee, Choi San, for what you lacked in confidence and shyness 2 years ago, can we get a scream for you to know and to show how proud ATINY is of you, your contagious energy and infectious smile not only on stage but off it too lights up our hearts and don't think your work on your body has gone unnoticed either, it won't be long till your honorary member of BM's big tiddie gang, we adore you Choi San, hwaiting!

To ATEEZ, fix on Song Min-gi, from watching you struggle to write your rap for the debut track Pirate king to the fire on the mic that you perform with today, you stand so loud and proud on stage, but with that cheeky grin and that gorgeous chid like laugh, you have such a beautiful warmth about you that everyone just wants to be around you so happily, your always so open and so caring, we love you Song Min-gi, hwaiting!

To ATEEZ, sexy guy, Jung Woo-Young, you may still feel rather shy in conversing in English and with people you do not well enough yet, but when you dance it is like the shroud comes off and you own the moment, you own the floor and your dance and your move speak so much for you that words are just not needed and we can fully understand exactly what you want to say, with that sparkling glint in your eyes, and your boyish charms, ATINY loves and supports you, to Jung Woo-Young, hwaiting!

To ATEEZ, apple shredder and vocal king Choi Jung Ho, before your debut we watched you so concerningly trying to hit those high notes for the debut track Pirate King, but now you hit them now with so much ease and grace, we would have never known the struggles you went through in getting those tones so perfect for us ATINY, when you pick up that microphone and you start to sing, we are completely overcome with the emotion you want us to feel and the song resonates so beautifully, you make the melody so gorgeous and harmonious, we really appreciate for doing that for us Choi Jung Ho, hwaiting!

But personally, when I look back on 2 years ago too, around this time of the year, which was 2018, I was fresh into my degree and this blog was super fresh too, this blog was only barely a month old, I guess you can say we can safely look back on this blog and see just how much I have progressed over the time, to where I am now, I am over halfway in my degree, this blog has now had just over 250 visits, we too have accomplished so much,

When you look back Walkerz, over the last 2 years, how much have you changed and progressed?

Let's all share and discuss,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey we call life, peace out

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