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Reviewz - Wilz finds comfort in Jess Tathem, Wellness and Me pt 3

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

We want to share with you beautiful soul we have stumbled across, we have taken comfort in her story, please let us introduce to you all Jess Tathem,

We originally stumbled across Jess from her LinkedIn profile, thanks to the advice of one of our mentors recently, we have been reaching out and exploring on LinkedIn, we have been trying to get our name out there and hopefully, in the minds of potential employers, I think we stumbled across Jess because she is a freelancer with a Bachelor of Mass Media degree, she was pursuing some of the types of work that we are interested in,

But seeing all her social media accounts and watching some of her YouTube videos, we took a lot of comfort in her story, she too is also open about her experiences with anxiety and being diagnosed with an eating disorder, I think I have mentioned this before on the blog but what my psychologist said to me has really stood out, if we don't talk about the problem how can we expect to solve it,

I have been warned in the past it is not a good idea to talk about experiencing anxiety, but holding it in and suffering in silence clearly doesn't work either clearly speaking from personal experience, being open about it and sharing with others and hearing their stories is so comforting, if you experience anxiety too Walkerz, is it the same for you too?

But back to Jess, she is incredibly open about her experiences on her YouTube channel, she has a few videos now about her travels with her eating disorder and her mental health experiences, just hearing her being so strong and courageous on camera is so inspiring and encouraging, but I am so proud of her watching her on her recovery journey, she has come such a long way,

Like she has mentioned on one of her videos, hearing other people's stories and packing her social media with recovery material has really helped her, and from my own experience this has really helped me too, knowing that you are not alone and talking with others, and hearing their experiences and how they dealt is so comforting and relieving, it really does help to give you tips and tricks that if you do ever feel like you are struggling you can try out what they did to help get you through, sure that might not always work out for but to have options and avenues that you can try than having nothing at all is so helpful, but I think the best part about speaking out is knowing you are not alone and you do have people that you can talk to and refer questions and queries about these kinds of problems too, cause being alone in silence, it is just no, no way to go about it,

I just want you to all know, that if you do struggle from mental health issues, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, whatever it may be, you are not alone, can I just repeat that and I will put in caps to emphasis it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, reach out, reach out to family or friends, or reach out to your doctor or a psychologist, please reach out, get out there and talk someone's ear off, get out there and get some help, like I was told by my own family your life is valuable, you have so much that your yet to experience and to live, sure we don't know and can't be certain what is around the bend or the next corner, but you do have so much offer, don't give up, we will help you through, you can do this,

When I was at my worst, or having a fluttering moment as I like to refer to them as when I have that flight and fear response and I feel flighty or fidgety, just reminding myself to put one foot in front of the other, that moments and time will pass, that if we just keep going we can complete what is in front of us, we can complete the task and we can move onto the next task and bigger and brighter things, it is having that will power to keep going, it is in there, you can do it,

I am so thankful for finding Jess online, while I haven't reached out to her yet to break the ice, I guess you can say this is my way of breaking the ice, I am so thankful for her putting her content out there and sharing her story, you have really helped me out Jess and I hope we can both help others by sharing and putting more of our stories out there, thank you, Jess, sharing and hearing your story has been so helpful, much love and appreciation Jess,

If you would like to check out some of Jess's material, just pop online and search Jess Tathem online and please be sure to share your love and appreciation for her content, insight and story too,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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