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Reviewz - Wilz introduces the Print Shop, check it out!

Aioli Walkerz,

How are we all?

If you have missed our online announcement, we so proud to announce we have officially launched our first online store, welcome to the Print Shop,

So if you are new to the blog, please click on Print Shop link on the menu bar at the top of the screen to access the store, it was an aim of ours to keep the navigation to and in store simple so that everyone easily use the store and have clean and crisp views of the images that are available for purchase, we have used a block format so it is easy to see the images and easy to see the formats they are available for purchase in,

The process to purchase an image is relatively simple as well, once you have found the desired image you would like to purchase in the Print Shop, it is as simple a clicking on the image and it will come up with a screen with the image on left and all the formats/styles it is available to purchase in a menu on the right side of the screen, and once you have made your selection it will take to you an easy check out and payment process, it really couldn't be more simple, but if you ever have any problems please reach out and we will assist you the best we can,

So what do you all think of the store Walkerz? And how about the Images?

To start the store I have tried to use some fun bright images, all the images I have used have mainly come from my long walks on the beach, I usually capture a lot of photos of birds and wildlife on my walks, a lot of the time I just take my little point and shoot camera with me because it is easier to carry with me rather than taking my mirrorless or DSLR because they are so big and bulky, plus I don't want to get them damaged,

My aim in starting in the store on the blog was to learn skills in how to monetise the blog and to learn online marketing skills as well, maybe I should look into studying some online digital marketing skills, I would love to learn more, hmm there are some many things I would love to learn and experience,

Please be sure to give me a lot of feedback on what you all think of the store, I would most appreciate it and for now happy shopping in the store,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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