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Reviewz - Wilz is a Stay at the Back Door

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In light of Stray Kids upcoming online concert, we thought we would review and share our thoughts on the track and MV Back Door,

If you have never heard the track or seen the MV before you can easily search for it on YouTube or click on this link to watch it,

If you haven't heard of the group Stray Kids, they are a Kpop idol group that promotes under the entertainment label JYP Entertainment and they have 2 Australian members Bang Chan and Felix, and their fandom name is called Stay, with that being said I hope the title of this blog makes some sense for you know, it was a bad play on words, but we hope you all enjoyed it one and the same,

So if you have watched the MV, I like to think it starts off with a big bang, a pivotal moment, flicking the switch, making that change and opening the door, with member Felix asking us 'Do you want to come in' in his iconic deep manly voice, sure Felix, I would love to come on in,

It is a quick-moving MV but I do like that it flicks and cuts screens following as one of the members' dances in the centre of the screen, but each different scene it cuts tells a bit more to the story as we go along,

I also like to think the change in costumes also gives you hints to the story as well, to start the MV we see the group is in more casual relaxed outfits, but as the MV progressed we get to see the guys in more strong military-style outfits, and as the tempo starts to change we start to hear the sound effects of a door creaking and opening and the feature of the big switch comes to screen again,

Initially flicking the switch turning the lights off on the set but I think it symbolises more than that in the long run, plus notice all the people in white outfits in the background, I am curious how they add to the story as well, what do you think they represent Walkez, I am keen to hear your thoughts on their addition to the MV,

It feels like every time we see switch come in to play on the screen, we are at the door again, we are opening the door that they are knocking on, and change is upon us, the switch is taking us from night to day, and we go from regiments to casual and relaxed, does anyone else get this take away from the MV?

Then when we hit around 2:20 into the MV, we hear the sound effects of the clock starting to tick and the members dance moves with youngest member/magnae I.N in the front with their hand representing the hands on the clock ticking down to a change, to the point we hear the bell chime and Felix takes over from Bang Chan with his deep manly voice in front of all our white hooded friends, he presents us with such a strong rap piece and then with a short count down we are back to a bit more relaxation and fun,

Our white hooded friends are cheering on and the guys are relaxing with some more casual dance moves then it is back to the formation with a great dance routine, till the camera pans out to many levels filled with our white hooded friends and the banner comes down from the ceiling and everyone is showing a bit more strength and regiement in their movements, till it comes to a head and we are at the door again, and to make it a bit more fun, Felix is knocking on one of the member's back, but I am curious to ask who's back do you think he is knocking on? keen to hear your suggestions Walkerz,

But how awesome is the ending proceedings for this mv, we cut to scenes of the group pairing off into couples to showcase some duet pieces and then to finish we have members Felix and Lee Know hold out their hands to create a doorway for their fellow members to go through and we end with Felix in that deep tone again, with 2 words on the screen, in life, then the words back door appear on the screen, and to finalise we have the group logo,

So what do you all think of the track and MV Walkerz? I personally can't wait to see them perform the track live at the online concert, it is going to be incredible, I love how they have adapted the moves in the dance routine to match those of the lyrics, please enter the discussion and share your thoughts Walkerz,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz and take care, let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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