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Reviewz - Wilz loves Live Through The Lens

Halloumi, howdy Walkerz,

How are you? Thanks for stopping by and visiting,

In this blog I really want to share with you all a podcast I have been addicted to lately and that is the Live Through The Lens podcast,

I don't know how many of you have checked out my last post, but if you haven't please check out this link, but Live Through the Lens is a podcast run and hosted by a couple of good friends of mine Jamie and Nat, if you haven't check out the podcast and you have spotify account you can check it out on this link

I know both Jamie and Nat from listening to SBS Radio but they have since branched out and followed some of their own passions and creative projects, Jamie is a talented producer and photographer, and Nat is a beautiful model and actress, they are both insanely talented and I am so thankful they came together and decided to create the podcast, taking the time to listen to each episode just leaves me feeling so inspired and motivated,

As Nat states at the start of each podcast, a podcast for the curious and creative, I just love that line and think it really describes the podcast to a t, I like to think curiosity really does go hand in hand with being creative, to be creative I like to think really starts with being curious and that if you try different things/settings or layers, how will it change the greater picture and how will it change how you get your message that you want to convey over to your audience, will it be more clear and pronounce, what do you think about curiosity in relation to creativity Walkerz?

I have met Jamie once before in person and he is such a sweetheart, but I haven't met Nat yet but just from her work that I have seen online so far, she is simply incredible, she is an elegant beauty, she is so passionate and has drive and determination that I think is so beautiful, Jamie, on the opposite side though, I think is more solemn but really has a creative eye for beauty in detail, it is something that I try to keep an eye open to as well, but seeing the beauty in the small details, shapes and colours,

I admire both Jamie and Nat, for not just sticking to what they know about working with the lens but branching out with awesome guests and learning and teaching us the audience along the way about things they are curious about plus approaching things/issues they had never thought about either, I really give them a lot of credit for taking it all on board and for bringing us all along for the journey too,

The episode lengths are really great too, they are not so long that you feel like you are sitting there for a long time just listening to them speak but you can catch up on episodes while you travel and they really feel like leaving with you food for thought, they also love to check in with their audience with their awesome Discord account, if you would like to check that out please check out this link or you can also shoot them a quick email for any questions you might have at their email address, and if you would like you can also say Wilz sent you and a big howdy for such an awesome podcast,

So if you have some time now, please check out the podcast, be sure to follow it and send them lots of love, please join me in being appreciative of all their hard work and wish them both a bright and prosperus future for the podcast, many thanks Jamie and Nat

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and lets keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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