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Reviewz - Wilz says come on GFriend, Mago Mago!

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I think you can all tell from the title what we will be reviewing in this blog, but if you don't know we will be looking at GFriend's new track Mago,

At the point in time that we are looking at this MV, it has only been online for 4 days, and in that time it has amassed almost 15 million views, Buddy (GFriend's fandom name) should be so proud, that is an incredible amount of views in just a short period of time, a round of applause to you all, great work, and before we get going on the MV, if you have not watched it yet, you can view it by clicking this link,

I really love how this MV starts, from the start we have oldest member Sowon walking or should we say strongly strutting towards the end of a walkway towards the light, when it begins the camera angel is behind her where we can see her gorgeous silhouette outlined, then it cuts to a close up of her stunning heals as the sound of her walking gets louder to the point the camera is virtually on the side looking up at her from just below her waist looking up to the front of her showing off her business-like attire and intense gaze, and then we are back behind her again as we reach a peak and there is a door in front of us, to which she just boldly pushes through and off comes the jacket to reveal...

The bright lights of a club and Sowon turns and gives us a cheeky smile and wink, and then all the business clothes come off piece by piece to reveal a stunning glittery dress, before the camera is turned fora quick pan on member Yerin, before cutting to member Eunha with the starting vocals for the track, Eunha too is dressed in a lovely glittery dress which complements her beautiful blonde hair and she too is followed by the camera as she struts through a curtain, to reveal, member Umji, who pops up in front of her out of nowhere, and following the members before her, she too has a lovely sparkly dress too,

I am going, to be honest here and say in GFriend, my bias is their member Umji, from the very beginning when they just debuted on the scene I was drawn to her and to see her growth in her stage skills and confidence is really empowering for me, if you were to look at her now compared to where she started out she has come a long way, we are so proud of you Umji, but we can safely say we are proud of all the members of GFriend, they are going from strength to strength,

And before we have time to think, from back to back members Eunha and Umji, in pops member SinB, and can we just saw that short haircut on her really frames her face beautifully and makes her stand out from the crowd, she is so elegant, and then from the 3 members we are cut back to member Yerin, she is in what appears to be her dressing room with a countless number of gorgeous shoes laid out and she is singing into her hairdryer,

From all the GFriend MVs that we have seen so far, we have noticed that member Yerin seems to be the member that is the one to get all glammed up and portrays the main storylines in the videos, but can you blame them, she is hot, she has a gorgeous figure and she knows how to carry herself well, she is easily flirtatious and fun, but to add some contrast to her scenes we get cut scenes of Sowon and Umji at the bar with a red martini and a cherry, I guess you can say we are being shaken with these changes in scenes but not stirred, sorry sorry lame joke insert there,

And then in pops main vocal Yuju and breakout the club dance scene, and all the vibes are screaming disco, with flare pants and glitter, we almost feel like since BTS broke out the disco vibes with their track Dynamite everyone is getting on board and disco is having a revival, throughout the whole dance sequence there is a lot of glitz and glam and we are taken to a lot of cut scenes featuring different members, highlighting their vocal pieces, till we get a quick cut of each member and then wham enter some new outfit changes,

We are curious to know what do you all think of the new outfit changes in the MV Walkerz? Do you dig the style or would you have changed it to something different? we would love to hear your thoughts,

But we absolutely adore all the group dance scenes that proceed, and the mirrored background really helps with reflecting each of their movements so beautifully, and just to showcase the mirrors, even more, we get a cut scene of each member and then enter, pole dancing Yuju, she shakes it on down till we have a feature in the track's vocal which showcases a change octaves which is convenient for pan down the line of the members, till boom we enter the lyric my heart is beating for you and we enter like a dream sequence cuts and blurs of each of the members,

It is after this dream-like sequence we are back to member Umji, and for us, she just captivates the screen, her smile and that wink are just so delicious, but please remember I am biased here, I could watch this part of the MV all day, till we hit SinB's solo piece with the line it is midnight, and it just cuts to her with the disco ball on the floor and the spotlight breaks out, which mellows out to Eunha's strut on the floor till the big crescendo and a high kick from Sowon and hit the lights on and disco is back in session,

Enter the 3rd set of outfits for the MV, which are which some would call disco chic, and we are back to group dance scenes to close out the MV, and can we just take a moment to talk about the white boot heels, such a beautiful pairing to the new outfits, they are such a gorgeous statement piece, and we so can't wait to see them wear them on one of the performances on one of the music shows to perform this track live, it will be absolutely amazing,

And we can't forget Yuju's dazzling riding on the disco ball in some of the scenes leading to the end, her energy and her long elongated limbs add such beautiful line and form to the video, till we end with a group shot of them all on top of a disco ball and just the word MAGO in caps in the middle of the screen, and as a little teaser finish, we are keen to hear what do you think happens next Walkerz? where do you think they are headed to?

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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