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Reviewz - Wilz takes on the 1st book of the Secret Santa stash, For one more Day, 1. Midnight

Aioli Walkerz,

How are we all?

So for my Christmas present last year, it still feels weird to say that last year, but I asked my secret Santa to gift me books that inspire them and here is the first book of the stash, For one more day by Mitch Albom,

My Secret Santa also gifted me with a handwritten note about why they chose each book and for this book they wrote because it was simply a pleasure to read, it was effortless to read and left them in a happy contemplation, reading this has me very happy to see why,

So for this blog, I thought I would go through the book bit by bit, it doesn't look like this book it actually written in chapters as per say, but segments and so we will start with the first section of the book which is entitled Midnight,

So Midnight starts off with Chick's story, and straight from the get-go it is wow, it speaks volumes right from the very beginning, it is a very reflective piece that makes you reflect your self on your own life and the choices you have made, to give you all a brief context of it, we are joining a guy reflecting on his life and why he has chosen to try and end his life, it might sound very dark, but very it is very insightful, he is looking back after receiving a letter from his daughter with a couple of photos from her wedding day, which makes him question why wasn't I there,

But from here we move onto the second piece of midnight, Chick tries to end it all, and as the name suggests it gets darker from here, it explores in a real-time some of the decisions this guy makes and how he interacts with some of his loved ones on a more daily basis, in this portion of the book the author really makes you feel for this character, but some of his choices are questionable, to say the least, but we can see why he does make them,

And from here there is a short little section till we hit morning which is the next section, but in this short little piece we learn more about our main character's decisions and how he went about trying to bring about the end, it is very descriptive and leaves us on a cliff hanger but we will have to see in the next piece if he indeed lives,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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