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Reviewz - Wilz tries a listicle, 15 reasons to love Super Junior

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Today as we celebrate Korean super idol group Super Junior's 15th year anniversary, with an online concert stream, we thought we would share 15 reasons why you should all love them too,

Super Junior, a group which was initially made up of 15 members holds a very special place in our hearts, they were one of the first Kpop groups we ever listened to but also one of the first groups the Feathered Assistant and I completely connected over, she absolutely adored their member Eunhyuk, and to calm her on vet visits she would relax just looking at photos and videos of him, she defiantly was a Kpopping bird, but onto 15 reasons why you should all love them too,

1. Becoming Family

Like any group coming together for the first time and having a lot of members too, there was bound to be a lot of disagreements and arguments, but over the years the members of Super Junior have learned to pull together and have gotten to know each other weaknesses and pet peeves and through their failings have become a family of absolute brothers to each other, and there really isn't anything like family to pick you up when you are feeling at your worst, even if it is an adopted family, you know at heart they have your back and that support is truly invaluable, so having a big family of adopted siblings is the best, they have each other's back and are there to support each other a 100% whatever the endeavour may be, Super Junior is family

2. The Parental Society

It is not only the members that have come together as brothers, but it is also their real families, their parents have bonded so much over the years they have created their own parental society to watch over all the members and to help them out if any or if any the members' families may ever need help or assistance, it is not uncommon to hear one member addressing another member's parents as mom and dad, and the parents often come together on their own accord to eat together and have their own events together

3. No matter the language, the language of music brings us all together

Within Super Junior as a group over the years, there have been quite a few members whose original/native language is not Korean but the members have adopted the view, no matter what native language a person may speak, we can all come together through the language of music, for instance for members like Han Geng and Zhoumi whose native language was Mandarin, the group could all come together once the music started to play, and even in their performances and online concerts, the group has made it a point to indulge and try to use as many worldly languages as they can, so no matter where their ELF (Ever Lasting Friends, fandom name) may reside, we can all connect through the language of music

4. Ever Lasting Friends, ELF

As mentioned just above, ELF or Ever Lasting Friends, the fan name for fans of Super Junior are an integral part of Super Junior's existence, Super Junior always try their best for ELF and they hope ELF are proud and supportive of them, no matter where in the world ELF live, if you ask them for help they are open, accepting and only too happy to help you out, ELF are some of the sweetest people we have met online, we have found that is the general nature of ELF, helpful, kind and considerate

5. Supporting Charities

Quoting directly from "Monday, 11 November 2019: Siwon Choi, star of Korean boyband Super Junior, has been unveiled as UNICEF East Asia and Pacific's new Regional Ambassador. ... Over the last four years, Siwon Choi has been committed to children's issues through his role as Special Representative for UNICEF Korea"

Not only is Super Junior legends on the stage, but they also give back not only to their fans but to those in need, Super Junior is so proud of Siwon and they support him 100%, they call on their fans to support those in need and to be doing good all around the world,

6. Super Junior Sub Units

Having such a large roster of members, it is not a surprise that Super Junior has a well-versed roster of Super Junior subunits as well, probably the best well known is Super Junior KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung) and Super Junior D&E (Donghae and Eunhyuk), but they also have Super Junior M (Mandarin), Super Junior T and Super Junior H

7. The Kings of Hallyu, Kpop

Being one of the most popular and favourite Kpop groups of all time in Korea, and one of the first groups to make an influence overseas, it is no wonder Super Junior has been called the Kings of Hallyu, Kpop, and even though their members rotation through mandatory Korean military service, it is thanks to their many subunits and members other endeavours on and off the stage, Super Junior has still made it a point to stay on the scene and to keep in touch with ELF, thank you, Super Junior, ELF really appreciate it

8. Super Junior Returns, Reality TV Kings

So not only does Super Junior excel on stage they also excel off the stage too, over the years Super Junior members have appeared on a lot of reality tv series and they even have their own in recent years in Super Junior Returns, but no matter the stage or on and behind the camera their personalities shine through and their laughs infectious, they are just all about having fun

9. Solo Endeavours

As well as promoting as a group a lot of Super Junior members have debuted and promoted solo activities as well, in particular, Super Junior subunit KRY members have all debuted solo tracks, also along with Super Junior member Heechul joining with some of his friends and colleagues to feature on collaborations over the years, but the members not only sing, some members such as Ryeowook and Kyuhyun have participated in theatre shows and Siwon acting on numerous dramas

10. YouTube Vloggers

In recent years, many of the members of Super Junior have started vlogging their experience behind the scenes, these include leader Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook, it is fun to see how they experience everything on a more personal level but also to see more of their personal quirks and indulgences, but we do hope they don't feel pressured to constantly produce content and to always be on screen

12. Friends always till the end, respect will take you far

If there is one thing Super Junior members pride themselves on, it is remaining faithful and respectful of their friends, if you kind, considerate and caring, your friends will feel the love and show the same in return,

13. From 15 to 13 to 9, no matter the number

Starting out with 15 members, then to 13 and now just 9 active members, Super Junior always puts on a fantastic stage and the energy is always bright and upbeat, on music show they always like to have some light cheesy jokes, and no matter how long they might not have seen some former members they like to keep in touch, always faithful and honest to the end

14. Have fun with fashion, make a statement

The members of Super Junior always like to experiment with fashion, different colours and different styles, or even try pairing up an outfit with different kind of accessories, the members of Super Junior always like to make their outfits uniquely their own

15. There is always time to stop, reflect and celebrate how far you've come

No matter how far they have come, or how far they will travel, they always take the time to stop and look back, reflect on all they have accomplished along the way, and there is always time for a laugh, congratulations Super Junior

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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