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Reviewz - Wilz tries out Dove products

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For the longest while now, well since December last year actually I have been trying out a wide range of Dove products after reaching out to them on Facebook messenger,

They are seriously some of the sweetest people/company I have ever chatted to online, it is like a chatting to a good friend online rather than some big multinational company which I love, they don't give you that generic feedback feel, they are so kind and considerate, I love the feeling that I can message them at any time and let them know how I am feeling and what my plans are, like writing this blog and they full supportive of it, you too can reach out to them on Facebook messenger or you can visit their website,

Just to make it clear before I go any further with this blog, I am in no way sponsored by Dove and this reviewz is typed out of the goodness and honesty of my heart, I just want to share with you all my honest and open experience with the company and its products, so please take this blog at face value, if you would like to try out their products please do so at your own discretion,

I would really have to say my favourite products out their range is their body washes, every scent I have tried so far is heavenly and their consistency feels so thick and creamy, they are absolutely divine and make you feel like your pampering yourself every time you shower, it's like having a spa treatment without even leaving your own home, I absolutely adore the way they all foam up and the way they lather is just gorgeous, I love it, I highly recommend them,

I have also been adoring their original scent deodorant body spray, I find the scent is refreshing and it can lasts almost all day, and it is really nice that it doesn't leave you white stains or cakes up like some other deodorants can, with just a few quick easy sprays you can be on your enjoying the day without having the worry of bad bo, and you can even pair it up with one of Dove's beautiful roll on or stick deodorants for that added protection and you are good to go,

I also have tried out some of Dove's hair care range as well, I love smell and consistency of the products and after washing as per the instructions on the label they leave your hair feeling fresh and clean and not weighed down, you definitely get that clean feel and they are very affordable too, definitely something to try out if your looking for a good shampoo and conditioner set,

I am also adoring their company website, not only do they make amazing products I am absolutely in love with their Dove stories section on their site, I would really love to encourage more companies to follow their lead, I absolutely love their promotional campaigns like the Dove Real Beauty Campaign and their Self Esteem Project, they empower women all over the globe to strive to be their best but at the same time to take care of their health, self care is super important and we all need to take care of our mental health, thank you Dove for supporting women and men not only with your products but with your campaigns and projects as well, your absolute champions, thank you

It is also really easy to point out their products in store, you can instantly recognise their packaging quite easily, the beautiful gold Dove and the simple white base colour is just so elegant and classy, I highly recommend this brand to you Walkerz, you should so check them out, if you have please comment down below what is your favourite product or type from their range, let's chat and discuss ,

That is Wilz for now, travel safely Walkerz, take care and let's keep walking on this journey we call life, peace out

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