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Reviewz - Don't call me, Wilz is listening to SHINee and some fresh new tracks

Aioli Walkerz,

How are we all?

It has been a hot minute since we have shared some of our fave fresh tracks, these are just some of the tracks we have been enjoying lately, and if you are the fan of kpop as we are I think you can guess the first track we are going to share,

How happy we are to say SHINee is back back back! Although their track says Don't call me, we invite you call on them and check out their new fresh track Don't Call Me and their fresh new album while your at it, individually all the members are insanely talented and together they are a force to be reckoned with, please call on them by clicking on and viewing this link, SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' MV - YouTube, welcome back SHINee!

The next fresh track comes from a friend of ours that we actually met through mutual friends on Twitch, let us introduce to you all to the chilled vibes of Hyejin, HYEJIN - Cloudy Thoughts MV - YouTube and her Twitch channel is HyejinOI - Twitch, Cloudy Thoughts is her first offering and her voice is like velvet, it is just so smooth and angelic, we are so honoured to be able to share her track with you and hope you enjoy it,

From fresh vibes to bang in your face catchy tunes, welcome to the Kpop scene and to this blog, T1419 and their fresh track Asurabalbalta, T1419 1st Single Album [BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1] '아수라발발타(ASURABALBALTA)' MV - YouTube, coming to us from the same entertainment company that brought us Momoland, we can't wait to see what this group has instore, we are digging their vibes and the vocals they are giving us, watch this space,

Fresh to the scene as well, we introduce the all male group Kingdom with Excalibur, KINGDOM - Excalibur Official M/V - YouTube, can we just start out by saying wow to all the costume/outfit designs for this mv, and the story it tells is simply divine, we are so stunned and captivated by the music video every time, defiantly a group we would love to track going into the future to see what they gift us, how about you Walkerz?

And not to be outdone The Boyz are back with a fresh new tune, check out Breaking Dawn [MV]THE BOYZ(더보이즈)_Breaking Dawn - YouTube, we absolutely adore the dance routine to this track and the can speak outfits again, we adore how the shoes match the outfits with the fun fluorescent stripe, its the little touches like that, that make this mv simply enjoyable to watch, they also did an interview with our friend and SBS PopAsia Host Andy Trieu, check it out on this link THE BOYZ (더보이즈) Interview! - YouTube, Andy is such a great friend and fun interviewer, we always enjoy check out his work, please subscribe to his YouTube channel,

And to end it out for the guys, we have a fresh preview from Ateez, for their track Fireworks, for their upcoming album Zero: Fever part 2, ATEEZ(에이티즈) – ‘불놀이야 (I'm The One)’ Performance Preview - YouTube, and my how this preview builds our anticipation for what is to come with the new album and MV (music video), although their member, Song Mingi, won't be actively participating in this comeback his vocals still shine in the preview and we so cant wait to hear more, we are so proud to stan (support) Ateez on this blog,

And not to be outdone by the guys we do have some girl groups that we would like to share with you all,

As you all know we love our birds here on the blog but this new track by the new girl group Pixy has blown our minds, 픽시(PIXY) - Wings MV - YouTube, Wings plus one of our fave colours purple which they seem to be using a lot of, we are excited for them and for us too, to see what they will come out with next, the track is just so gorgeous to listen to, it so catchy and such an ear worm, we shall be watching out for you Pixy,

But watching Pixy their style so reminds us a bit of our next fresh track group Dreamcatcher with their track Odd Eye, Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Odd Eye' MV - YouTube, again with the outfits, love love love the fashion in this mv, the accessories and the make up really make the outfit, but along with the hard hitting beat of the track the girls vocals really shine, its just a delicious combination,

And to end up with a fun party vibe, we gladly introduce to you all new girl group, with their fun track doom doom ta, TRI.BE - DOOM DOOM TA - YouTube, don't be confused by the name of the track, its not all doom and gloom, its actually uplifting and fun, we really enjoy from watching some of their content and their live performance stages on music shows how each of the members have their own unique style which makes them stand out but together they are just sunshine, they also have a sound which is unique to them, they just speak fun and gorgeous to us, we will defiantly be watching out for more from this group too,

That is Wilz for now, take care Walkerz and travel safely, let's keep walking on this journey called life, peace out

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